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DCS Replacement Rotisserie Infrared Burner and Orifice.

Many of the barbecue grill modesl by Dynamic Cooking Systems integrated infrared rotisserie burners and rotisserie kits with heavy-duty motor, spit rod, forks and counter weights. Most DCS gas grills had these features as a part of the standard model. Even the few models that did not come with the rotisserie kit have the ability to add the tools to cook with the barbecue burners in the grill. The infrared rotisserie burner cannot be retro-fitted but the motor and spit and other items can be used on all the DCS models. If the grill is being comnverted from one gas type to another we can ship the orifice converted for natural gas or liquid propane. The burners for the rotisserie are no different from one gas type to another but the mdoesl were different so measure your burner.

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both sizes of dcs infrared rotisserie burner

DCS Infrared Rotisserie Burners

The DCS rotisserie burners come in 2 sizes for most barbecues. The 22 inch infrared burner is for the 36 inch models and for some 48 inch models. A lot of the 48 inch DCS models have 2 infrared rotisserie burners and these are the same size as the infrared rotisserie burner for the 27 inch models. Measure the front of your rotisserie burner to be sure.


Replacement orifice and gas line mounting bracket for DCS infrared rotisserie burner. Gas line comes from front safety control valve around the barbecue to attach to the rotisserie burner venturi tube with an elbow bracket and threaded spud orifice.

Alternate orifice shown at bottom Left side of this page.


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dcs rotisserie elbow and orifice mount

Orifice Only for DCS infrared rotisserie burner. The Rotisserie control valve does not have an orifice because the orifice attaches to the installation elbow at the venturi of the burner.

elbox and orifice for dcs rotisserie gas connection
both sizes of dcs infrared rotisserie burner

Rotisserie Gas Orifice

Because the infrared rotisserie burner is a vertical burner the rotisserie is controlled by a safety valve with a thermocouple. The heat from the burner has to generate an electro-magnet that holds the valve open in order to stay burning.

The gas line connects to the threaded tip of the control valve in the control panel and then the aluminum gas line routes through the grill to the venturi which is the box on the side of the burner. The elbow attaches to the venturi of the rotisserie and the orifice screws into the elbow to spray gas mixing with air inside the infrared burner.

rotisserie burner orifice connection elbow adaptor

This image shows the other DCS rotisserie elbow connector.

This is the more convenient rotisserie connection because the same hood orifice that fits the DCS control valve will also fit onto this elbow.

Both versions of the DCS rotisserie elbow have the same compression fitting at the base and both attach to the rotisserie venturi on the burner in the same way. The manufacturer simply made the design simpler with this change in the design of the gas line connection for the infrared rotisserie burner.

Although the drilled hole allows a different BTU rating for the rotisserie the physical hood orifice is the same.


Rotisserie gas line connection for gas orifice. This DCS elbow adaptor connects the rotisserie gas line with a compression fitting. The elbow bolts to the rotisserie venturi and the orifice attaches to the tip. The same size orifice fots this rotisserie elbow as the control valve orifices.


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rotisserie orifice connection elbow adaptor

DCS replacement hood style orifice with #72 starter hole and 1/8-27 threading.
Generally, the only reason to change an orifice is because the gas type is changing. Let us know the gas type and which burner the orifice will fit. Although all the orifices are the same each burner requires a different BTU setting.

Orifice Details

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replacement gas orifice for oci gas bbq grill repair
Orifice Details

Infrared rotisserie burner for DCS grill. This infrared rotisserie burner is for the 36/48 DCS gas grill models that have a single infrared rotisserie burner along the back wall. Measure your burner and the front should be about 20 inches and with the venturi box 22 inches


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dcs infrared rotisserie burner
both sizes of dcs infrared rotisserie burner

This is the 22 Inch infrared rotisserie burner for the 36/48 DCS barbecue grill models. Access the venturi from behind the grill. With the hood closed there is an access panel in the back of the grill right where the venturi and orifice are inside the back wall of the BBQ.


Infrared rotisserie burner for DCS grill. This infrared rotisserie burner is for 27 and 48 Inch models of DCS gas grill. Measure your rotisserie burner and it should be about 16 Inches across. The older Dynamic Cooking Systemns infrared burner was in the back panel of the 27 models and the 48 models that have two rotisserie burners.


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dcs infrared rotisserie burner
both sizes of dcs infrared rotisserie burner

Dynamic Cooking Systems infrared rotisserie burners for the 27/48 models are this 16 inch burner. This burner is the right size for the 27 inch model barbecues but the 48 inch grill models without the side burner range have two of these infrared pressurized burners. Note the 16 inch burner has 4 tiles and the 22 inch burner has 3 tiles but always check your model and size to be sure.

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infrared grill burner igniter electrode

Because there is not much use for a DCS rotisserie orifice, when we need the male-thread spud orifice for this Elbow we will often either change the elbow or change the threading with this conversion to use the hood orifice.

infrared grill burner igniter electrode
elbow and orifice connects gas to infrared rotisserie burner

This is an other DCS elbow and orifice to attach a safety valve gas line to the infrared rotisserie burner. The orifice is convienent because this is the same orifice used by the main DFCS barbecue burners. The elbow attaches to the same gas line as the other version of the elbow but was used in various models. In truth either one of these can be easily installed to any of the DCS safety valves and infrared rotisserie burners. Contact us for assistance if necessary.

rotisserie with elbow and gas orifice

There is a lot of room between the rotisserie orifice and the rotisserie infrared burner chamber where the gas pressurizes. However, the area is sealed so the gas will not leak but sprays onto the burner.


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