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DCS Replacement Smoker Burner.

Before infrared burners were invented Dynamic Cooking Systems made the hottest grill in the marketplace. A DCS with stainless U shaped burners and porcelain rods could grill meats at temperatures above 900 degrees. Restaurant quality searing is said to be 800 degrees. The DCS was the only model of grill that could do this reliably. The amazing thing about DCS was that the grill also made a reliable barbecue and a really great gas smoker. When we smoke meats we cook with very low temperatures. As the heat surrounds the food and pulls moisture out of the meats the smoke is pulled into the food. Most gas barbecues do this badly because the burners generate too much heat to be able to keeo the wood smoldering. DCS invented a dedicated burner installed under their wood chip drawer so the burners could be left Off while only the wood chips smoked. A low-heat smoke or even a cold smoke without an off-set box was possible with the hottest grill on the market. Awesome!

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Stainless steel DCS burner. Gas grill parts for smoker burner in DCS 36" and 48" gas grills. This stainless burner fits any DCS gas grill with a pull-out wood smoker tray. The dedicated barbeque burner allows you to heat wood chips without using the grill burners and generating too much smoke for slow smoking.


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stainless steel dcs burner for smoker
dcs stainless pipe burner for wood chips drawer

DCS Smoker Barbecue

What really propelled Dynamic Cooking Systems to the top of the world of barbecie grills was the high quality materials used on the grills. No one used 304 stainless steel with a lifetime warranty for outdoor appliances back then. What kept them at the top of the heap was the extraordinary versatility of the grills.

In addition to being the hottest grill on the market the DCS was also reliable for lower heat barbecuing and very low heat smoking. While other barbecues had areas for wood chips DCS had a dedicated burner for the wood drawer so the grill burners were not necessary when smoking. This allows very low heat smoking which adds time, absobency and flavor.

dcs smoker burner back side for mount The back of the burner has an extension that attaches to this back side. There is a bolt to attach the extension to the hole here in the back side of the burner. The extension locks into the back of the DCS grill fire box so the burner is only as deep as it absolutely has to be and not larger. This attention to detail allows us to keep the wood chips smoking with out any extra heat unnecessary for the wood smoke drawer in the grill.

burner with ignitor bracket

Smoker Burner Igniter Bracket

This is different from the original bracket on the older burner -- details at the bottom of the page -- because the ignition electrodes have changed slightly over the years. As DCS changed hands and was no longer owned by the original inventors of the product there have been fabrication changes noticable in smaller details.

burner and igniter electrode

Usually by the time the burner is rusting through the electrode has been useless for many years. This is the electrode we use on the DCS smoker burner. We use this electrode because it costs a fraction of what the DCS electrode costs and it fits the new bracket perfectly. Also if it becomes necessary to change the gap the electrode steel post is long enough to be trimmed or bent as necessary.

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old style smoker burner
stainless wood chip drawer for smoking

Although the older style smoker drawer had a different bracket for the ignition electrode the same replacement electrode still replaces the old electrode when repairs are needed. The same bracket attaches to the hole in the front of the burner and the long steel rod needs to be bent at a ninety degree angle to be parallel to the smoker burner. We started using the electrode in the image above with this old type of DCS stainless steel pipe burner and are able to keep using it now that the replacement smoker burner bracket is a little different.

electrode attached to burner

The stainless steel dcs smoker burner will hold the electrode to the burner bracket on the old or the new style wood smoker burner. If you need to bend the steel rod on the igniter electrode always use 2 pliers -- and needle-nose pliers if possible. Use one pair of pliers to support the shaft of the stainless post outsode the ceramic housing. Use the second pliers to grab and bend the steel post to where it is properly spaced with a gap that allows a good strong purple spark when the module generates the spark. Always support the steel tip of the electrode so the post does not cause the ceramic housing to crack. If the ceramic breaks the electrode will not work properly and cannot be repaired.

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