Ignitor Electrode Is Universal Igniter Install H, Oval, Pipe, Any Burners.

There are literally thousands of barbecue models in the world that use some form of oval burner, H shaped burner and Bow Tie burner and this electrpde is designed to fit all of them. This electrode is considered a universal fit because the bracket has an adjustable slot and is specifically designed to mount to any bolt around any gas grill burners. The electrode comes attached to the electrode wire and the collector box bracket. The ignition is made to repair any gas barbecue ignitor but was designed for installation with oval, figure eight burner, and H shaped burners.

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universal ignitor bracket with collector box, electrode, insulated wire, and female connector compatible with any spark module. Fits all H burners, both cast iron and stainless steel. Mounts to burner using venturi screws. Slot allows adjustment of electrode position.

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universal electrode fits all oval a h burners

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image of universal electrode with bracket and wire

Universal Electrode

This barbecue grill ignition electrode is considered universal because it is able to work with just about any oval shaped or H shaped BBQ burner. The electrode comes with a collector box that has a long installation slot to allow the electrode to be mounted closer or further from the mounting screw that holds it to a burner. The electrode also comes with a long electrode wire connection to a module to be attached at various distances depending on the grill and the burner i the grill.

For many years there were almost no barbecues that did not use either an Oval or an H burner. Although there is a lot of differences among these burners they all go together similarily. There are a lot of different widths and depths of both Oval burners and H shaped burners. There are single, double and even some triple venturi burners meaning single, double, triple gas tubes that connect one, two, or three control valves to the burner -- or a section of that burner. There are hundreds of different shapes and lengths to the venturi tubes themselves. Finally there are venturi tubes that bolt to a burner, venturi tubes that screw into a burner and venturi tubes that twist-lock into a burner.

Among all these variations this Universal electrode is designed to light these burners. Although the electrode mounting bracket collector box will install differently to each type of burner the electrode is made to work with each.

In this image we have a double venturi Oval burner from a Fiesta barbecue. Notice the burner is new so it looks great. By the time we are looking for replacement BBQ parts for the barbecue, our burner -- and presumably our electrode -- will not look like this. The electrode on this Fiesta grill burner comes installed as shown in the image below. If we imagine the same burner a few years later the electrode and the bracket holding this electrode would be destroyed. However, threaded hole in the burner would be protected by the screw holding the electrode bracket in place.

To replace the electrode with the 847004 electrode in the image above we would remove this bracket and put a new bolt through the slot in this electrode bracket and thread it into the hole in the burner that held the previous bracket and electrode.

Using the design of the Oval or H burner this electrode can be made to work on any oval or H burner.

oval bbq burner and venturi gas tube

The image below shows a new H shaped burner. Twenty years ago all the barbecues used either oval burners or some size of H burner with either a single or double venturi tube. Below the H burner is shown without the venturis attached on a double venturi tube H burner.

As just one example of how we would install this electrode we show the slotted bracket installed above the venturi tube bracket. The gasket would go onto the burner and then the venturi tube would go onto the gasket. Then we would bolt down the top nut, install the universal electrode and install the bottom nut. This way the tension on the gasket is even and the burner connection will not leak.

We can easily loosen the nut just enough to adjust the distance for the electrode to extend so the spark is mounted right where it needs to be to ignite the gas as it leaves the burner.

h shaped burner with venturi and electrode
installed universal ignition electrode

Installed Universal Electrode

This universal grill electrode can be made to be installed on any oval or H shaped burner. As seen in this image the electrode will stick out beyond the edge of the burner and the installation bracket that doubles as a collector box extends beyond the burner ports so the gas is forced to surround the electrode. Collector box brackets are designed to give the electrode a clear surface to arc against and also interupts the natural flow of gas so the gas is pushed to where the spark will cause grill burner ignition.

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universal ignitor bracket with collector box, electrode, insulated wire, and female wire connector for all sparking module. Fits all H burners, cast iron, brass, anodized, stainless steel....
Mounts to burner using venturi screws. Slot allows adjustment of electrode position.

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universal electrode fits all oval a h burners

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cast iron h shaped burner uses 2 venturi tubes

Cast iron was the most popular material for old grill burners back when gas barbecues were still fairly new. Many of the old Charmglow, Arkla, Amberlight and Falcon barbecues of 25 and 30 years ago are still in use today. The double venturi burner is divided in half inside the burner so the left venturi, left valve controls the left side of the burner and the right valve will only control the left side of the burner. In order to repair the grill by replacing the electrode we either install the electrode in the middle of the H so both sides light from the same soark or we install one on the right side and one on the left side.

stainless steel h burner

Stainless steel H shaped burner has a single hole because only one control valve will attach to one venturi tube and will feed gas to the entire burner. If you look closely there is a small mark in the top if the burner showing on the left side of this image in the center of the burner. This is the mark for the bracket to screw into when installing an electrode. This universal electrode is perfect for this kind of burner because the slot in the installation bracket allows the electrde to be adjusted to exactly the right position. We could also use the installation hole for the venturi bracket to attach the electrode collector box.

A Perfect Example of a burner for this electrode
This electrode is made for this type of burner because the electrode can mount from the bottom of the burner and extend to the far edge of the burner so the spark occurs at the edge where the ports emit the gas. Oval burners, H burners, and figure eight burners will always work with this electrode. This electrode can also be installed in a lot of other gas grills but it will always work on these kinds of barbecue burners.

burner called infinity or butterfly

This burner is almost the same as a H shaped burner. These burners are refrerred to as butterfly burners, as infinity burners or as figure 8 burners. Although the H shape is closed off at the ends like a figure eight the burner sites in the grill the same and connects to the venturi the same as the oval and the H shaped burners used for so many years These butterfly burners were popular in Kalamazoo, BroilKing, BroilMate and a few others. This replacement universal electrode will work on these bow-tie burners just as easily as the H burners and oval burners.

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