Falcon Barbecue Cooking Grate Replacement Parts.

Dynamic Cooking Systems replacement parts for DCS barbeque grill repair. Various electrodes to spark, ignitor module with battery holder, built in grill cover, rotisserie burner, porcelain rods to conduct grilling heat and all DCS replacement parts to repair your Dynamic Cooking Systems gas barbecue grill.

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Cast Iron Cooking Grate coated with porcelain enamel for protection fit Falcon gas barbecue grill models below.

Fits Models:

5100, 5200, 5300, 5400, 551990, 551996, 552890, 552990, 553890, 553920, 4029F, 4029F6, 4049F, 4049F6, 5000 w/venturi, 5000 w/venturi, FG700S, FN700S, GF400517, GF400617, GF540, GF540-286-EB, GF540-286-EL, GF540-286-SB, GF540-292-EB, GF540-292-EI, GF540-292-EL, GF540-292-ELV, GF540-292-EUB, GF540-330-EAV, GF540-330-EI, GF540-330-EI-1, GF540-330-EIV, GF540-EA, GF540-EB, GF540-EI, GF540-EI2, GF540-EIV, GF540-EL, GF540-EVB, GF540-SB, Mark V 4" Single Venturi, Mark V 7" Single Venturi, Mark V 7" Twin Venturi, W4019 W4019-5, W4029, W4029-5, W4049


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porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates for falcon bbq

Porcelain coated steel cooking grate replacement fits Falcom Barbecue grill models.

Fits Falcom BBQ Models:

4100 -- 4200 -- 4300 -- 4400 -- 3029F -- 3029F6 -- 3049F -- 3049F6 -- 4000 w/ 4 inch venturi -- 4000 w/ 7 inch venturi -- GF 430 -- GF300517 -- GF300617 -- GF430-217-SB -- GF430-286-EB -- GF430-286-EI -- GF430-292-EB -- GF430-292-EL -- GF430-329-EA -- GF430-329-EI -- GF430-EB -- GF430-EI -- GF430-EL -- GF430-SB -- GF430-SI -- GF430-SL -- Mark IV 4 inch single venturi -- Mark IV 7 inch single venturi -- Mark IV 7 inch twin venturi.


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porcelain coated steel grilling grids fit falcon gas grill

Both Steel and Cast Iron will almost always be coated when used in outdoor settings. Cast iron is often the preferred material for barbecues because cast iron conducts heat efficiently and evenly across its entire section. However, cast iron is capable of showing surface oxidation within a few days. Because of rust cast iron will always have a coating of some kind. Our grates are coated with a porcelain enamel that is sometimes glossy and appears thick but many grids are like the Falcom grate above with a matte finish. A matte finish is a textured coating that shows the texture of the cast iron below the coating. Many people often believe the cast iron is not coated but it is because if the matte textured finish. Cast iron will always have a protective coating in order to last longer outdoors.

Almost everyone who owns a gas barbecue also owns a metal wire brush used for cleaning the barbecue parts. When using porcelain coated grates a steel bristled brush is the worst thing to use. While the steel bristles are abrasive enough to rub off dried-out grease, fat, marinades and dirt these same abrasive bristles are also rubbing off tiny particles of the coating that is protecting the material of the grilling grates. We should never use a scraper and rarely, if ever use a steel-bristled brush. Once enough of the porcelain coating has been scrubbed away in cleaning the grids the material below the coating becomes exposed to air and humidity. This is the beginning of the end as oxidation begins to affect the steel or cast iron. The coating is often strong enough to hold the form and hide the corrosion but rust is slowly eating away the grill grates.

Clean porcelain coated cooking grates with a strong degreaser and water. Also use the heat in your barbecue to dry-out the grease and drippings so the grilling grids are easier to clean. With these Falcom barbecue grill grates use heat and very light brushing. For periodic cleaning use a strong de-greaser and the green rough-side of a normal sponge. Be sure to clean the chemicals of the degreaser off the grids before barbecuing.

filet minion steak grilled on cast iron grates

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