Gas BBQ Grill Replacement Lava Rock Grates for Falcon Barbecues.

Most of the Falcon barbecue grills were post-mounted barbecues from more than 20 years ago. Fortunately these American Made grills were built to last and are still worth the costs of repairs. Replacement lava rock grids are designed for the Falcon models listed. We also use some universal gas grill replacement parts on older Falcon models because the quality is high and the parts can keep these awesome old barbecues cooking.

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Lava rock grate manufactured with galvanized steel to protect against rust outdoors. Replacement grid fits Falcon barbecue grill models using briquettes or lava rocks for conductive heat 11 5/8 inches deep and 17.25 inches wide.

Fits Models:

4100, -- 4200, -- 4300, -- 4400, -- 3029F, -- 3029F6, -- 3049F, -- 3049F6, -- 4000 w/ 4" venturi, -- 4000 w/ 7" venturi -- GF 430, -- GF300517, -- GF300617, -- GF430-217-SB, -- GF430-286-EB, -- GF430-286-EI, -- GF430-292-EB, -- GF430-292-EL, -- GF430-329-EA, -- GF430-329-EI, -- GF430-EB, -- GF430-EI, -- GF430-EL, -- GF430-SB, -- GF430-SI, -- GF430-SL, -- Mark IV 4 inch single venturi -- Mark IV 7 inch single venturi -- Mark IV 7 inch double venturi tubes.


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galvanized steel lava rock briquette grate for falcon bbq grills

Galvanized steel replacement wire rod grate for lava rock and briquettes fot Falcon gas BBQ Grill models:

5100 -- 5200, -- 5300, -- 5400, -- 551990, -- 551996, -- 552890, -- 552990, -- 553890, -- 553920, -- 4029F, -- 4029F6, -- 4049F, -- 4049F6, -- 5000 w/venturi, -- 5000 w/venturi, -- FG700S, -- FN700S, -- GF400517, -- GF400617, -- GF540, -- GF540-286-EB, -- GF540-286-EL, -- GF540-286-SB, -- GF540-292-EB, -- GF540-292-EI, -- GF540-292-EL, -- GF540-292-ELV, -- GF540-292-EUB, -- GF540-330-EAV, -- GF540-330-EI, -- GF540-330-EI-1, -- GF540-330-EIV, -- GF540-EA, -- GF540-EB, -- GF540-EI, -- GF540-EI2, -- GF540-EIV, -- GF540-EL, -- GF540-EVB, -- GF540-SB, -- Mark V sgl vtri, -- Mark V sgl vtri, -- Mark V twin vtri, -- W4019, -- W4019-5 -- W4029 -- W4029-5 -- W4049,.

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replacement lava rock briquette grid for falcon bbq grills
91250 Universal Fit Adjustable Lava Rock Briquette Grate
Adjustable Lava Rock ceramic briquette grate fits from 11 inches deep (front to back) X 17 inches wide (left to right) to 14 inches X 25 inches.

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adjustable bbq grill replacement lava rock briquette plate

White hard briquettes come in a pack of twenty-four pieces. Ceramic briquettes are not porous like the red pyramid briquette or black cube briquettes and radiate more heat, distribution radiates evenly, and burn off greases that cannot soak into the material like other briquettes.

This New Radiant Briquette is much more durable and heat - effective than any previous briquette that has Ever been available.


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alfresco briquette

Although many Falcon barbecue were designed for use with lava rocks we often replace the lava with pyramid shaped briquettes. The inconsistent shapes of lava rocks allow different radiant heat and leave a lot of places of grease to build up to dangerous, flammable amounts. The pyramid briquettes lay flat on the lava grate but on top different directional sides radiate heat in a wide range for optimal grilling.

When lava rocks do not get changed often enough grease build up can cause grease fires and attract critters to the barbecue. Keep lava rocks clean by heating the barbecue for at least ten minutes after grilling. We also use briquettes or install the universal heat shield above. The heavy shield can be used with or without lava rocks or briquettes.

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