R.H. Peterson FireMagic Gas BBQ Grill Replacement Parts

FireMagic by R. H. Peterson is considered one of the best gas barbecue grills in the world. With solar panels to control electric ignition and the rotisserie motor and with remote controlled hood, magic windows, lights, digital thermometers and mirror polished stainless Firemagic boasts more high-end bells-and-whistles than any other barbecue grill. Cast stainless steel burners can be exchanged for infrared burners and heat shields are manufactured to allow wood and charcoal fires. Not only is Firemagic one of the most beautiful barbeque grills on the market it is also one of the heaviest and highly manufactured grill worthy of incredible reputation.

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03199 electrode/collector box replacement kit for Fire Magic grills


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Glowing electrode for new FireMagic gas grill models. The ignition electrode looks like the old Firemagic sparking igniter outside its collector box but this electrode does not arc against stainless like previous ignition electrodes. The tip of this electrode is a heavy-duty monofilament that ignites to glow bright like alight bulb. The tip of the electrode glows bright and hot enough to immediately ignite gas at the burner.


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firemagic glow plug ignition electrode
AOGrack AOG 36" Grill Warming Rack

The RHP American Outdoor Grills that come with an infrared rotisserie burner also come with a removable warming rack. The AOG grills without an infrared rotisseria burner also do not come stock with a warming rack. This warming rack is for the AOG thirty-six inch gas grill and it is removable.

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3199-60 Firemagic ignition kit with electrode, wiring, collector box and bracket for pre-2006 Firemagic gas BBQ grill models including: Elite models, Regal, Regal Magnum, Deluxe, Classic and countertop barbecues. $53.

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firemagic electrode kit with wire and bracket for igniter repair

Replacement electrode for main grill burner in all model and size of American Outdoor Grill.


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aog stainless steel grates.

Firemagic Flash Tube brackets designed to permit faster ignition. Flash tubes are installed where there are multiple burner ports so fuel and flames will be able to quickly jump from one burner to another during ignition.


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firemagic bbq grill flash tube
3199-32 R.H. Peterson Firemagic igniter module, spark generator battery kit for Firemagic gas BBQ grill repair models including: Elite models, Regal, Regal Magnum, Deluxe, Classic and countertop barbecues. $36.

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firemagic module for igniter

Replacement rotary ignitor with single outlet to fit Ducane, Profire, DCS, Lynx and many hundreds of other gas grill models. Module installs with 2 small screws in control panel and has a single outlet for electrode to plug into.


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single rotary module installs to control panel of any bbq grill

Mechanical piezo rotary ignitor with two outlets to connect to two electrode wires or one electrode and a ground. Ducane, Profire, DCS and many other grill models use this piezo rotary spark generator.


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rotary ignitor 2 spark replacement ducane gas grill

Piezo rotary ignitor with three outlets can be plugged in to 3 electrode wires to send sparks to three different electrodes from one turn of the knob. This module has been used on most brands of barbecue at some time.


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rotary bbq grill ignitor with three outlets
003004 R.H. Peterson Firemagic replacement control valve for Regal II model gas barbecue grills. The Fire Magic Regal 2 barbeque has been barbecuing for many years and all the repair parts are available. This control valve does not come with the orifice for LP or NG or the control knobs -- use you old ones with the new Regal Two valve. $36.

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replacement control valve for firemagic regal 2 grill repair

Two Stage Propane Regulator with 24 Inch gas hose. Gas hose connection is 3/8 flared female. Two foot long rubber gas hose. Two stage regulators are used in gas barbecues with higher BTU flow than most -- as much as double the gas flow. These are usually found on larger sized infrared grills and should be used on any low pressure LP appliance pulling more than 65,000 BTU from a residential portable LP tank.


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two stage LP regulator and hose

Regulator, convertible - for all grills. The in-line regulator has half-inch pipe thread fittings and is designed to be used for propane and for natural gas. The back of the regulator has a removable cap that puts tension on the spring so the cap facing up is set for LP and the cap flipped over is for NG. The cap is marked LP on one side and NG and the other side so we know which way to replace it.


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regulator converts lp and ng
850 Gas timer attaches to Propane or Natural Gas line to limit the amount of gas used. Dial the timer to One, Two or Three hours and be certain there is No Chance of someone making a mistake and leaving the barbecue grill burning or the gas running. Gas line is turned OFF when the timer runs out even if the barbecue grill is still turned on. A safety feature for homes with children, neighbors and commercial or shared properties. $50.

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gas safety shut off timer
859 Gas Line shut-off is made to lock with any standard padlock or combination lock. This is a shut-off valve that allows or closes the gas flow and can be locked. This is perfect for community spaces like condominiums, apartments or homes where residents are renting or are gone for lengths of time and want to lock the gas line for safety. $60.

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gas safety shut off for combination lock or padlock

Brass fitting for gas hose connection. 3/8 inch flared male to 3/8 inch flared male fitting used to join two gas hoses. The flared fitting is a sealed attachment that does not need plumbers putty or teflon tape. 3/8 inch flared is the most commonly used gas hose.


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male to male fitting to jpin gas hses.

Fitting flared three-eights adapts to fit one-half pipe thread. This fitting is most commonly used to attach a propanle hose and regulator to a barbecue grill manifold. Half-inch pipe on one side and three-eights flared on the other.


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brass plumbing gas fitting 3/8 flared to 1/2 pipe adapter

FireMagic Slide In BBQ Grill Repair

1. Remove bbq grill control knobs, screws and finish washers and remove barbecue grill control panel face.
2. Make certain electrode and spark module are unplugged and not secured to control panel.
3. Remove the old electrode, collector box and any brackets and attach the new electrode collector box.
4. To bend the collector box begin along the line with pliers and then bend against a straight non-stick surface. Different FireMagic bbq grill models demand more or less of a bend. Use the old collector box as a reference.
5. Pluf the new electrode wire into the gas grill spark generator module. If you have a three prong module spark generator the green ground wire must be in the center plug. Extra spades can arc against one another or nearby steel causing a short. Test for sparking.
6. Replace the control panel face and control knobs for the barbecue burners and check for sparking at electrode near the grill burner.
7. Make certain control panel face plate is secure with original screws.

Spark Generator Module

The spark generator module is attached the the barbecue grill control panel. Once the control valve knobs and panel screws are removed be aware of the electrode wires attached to the module.

To remove the module trun the rubber button cap counter-clockwise. Remove cap and battery.

Turn the plastic locking ring nut conter-clockwise to remove module from behind the control panel.

Attach the spark generator module in reverse order and attach electrode wires as barbeque grill control panel is returned to position.

If the ignition module has three spades but two electrode wires, plug the green ground to the middle position and attach the green ground wire to the manifold mounting nut and bolt.

Need Help?

FireMagic Countertop Grill Repair

1.Remove gas grill control knobs from top control panel.
2.Lift firmly with oven open from inside front left and inside front right corners and four spring clips will release control panel.
3. After clips release carefully remove the panel unplugging the module from the electrode wires as the panel begins to come free.
4. Remove the old electrode by unscrewing the screw and nut securing the electrode to the barbecue liner.
5. Tie string to old electrode wire and pull into fire box. Then tie string to new electrode wire and pull through the be plugged into area below the control panel.
6. Attach th new electrode using the new or old bracket to secure the electrode to the barbecue liner.
7. Attach the wires to the spark generator module certain the attach the green ground to the middle position. Align the control panel pressing down firmly to engage the spring clips and replace the gas grill control knobs.
firemagic pre-2002 gas bbq grill igniter replacement parts
firemagic gas bbq grill electrode and module repair replacement parts
No Spark? Weak grill gnition?
Make sure the electrode wires are securely attached the the module.
Make sure the battery is in correctly - flip it over.
Inspect the wires to see insulation is not frayed, burnt, cracked or cut. Ground wire must be fastened tightly to frame.
BBQ grill electrodes are like spark plugs in your car. Check the gap. The electrode gap should be 3/16" from the tip of the electrode to the ground point. Too far away the arc weakens, too close there isn't room for gas to get between the arc.
The air shutter on the venturi of the gas barbecue grill burner determines the mixture of gas and air. If the carburetor is not mixing air and gas for optimal ignition the grill ignitor will have difficulty lighting the barbeque grill.

See below for module and electrode repair instructions.

instructions to repair firemagic ignitor electrode
instructions for repair firemagic electrode ignitor
repair firemagic ignitor mounting detail
repair firemagic bbq grill ignitor in barbeque grill

Countertop drop in Firemagic built in grill ignition repair:

repair firemagic bbq grill ignitor in barbeque grill
grill repair is secure