Replacement Heat Shields for Great Outdoor Model BBQ's

Great Outdoors barbecues have faded into and out-of use over the years and have been manufactred by different companies who then sell the grill models to be branded by name. The various Great Outdoors grill parts are very different from model to model with some models using lava rocks or briquettes and others using heat shields below the cooking grids. The difference is mostly an opinion depending on the cook but the idea behind using lava rocks or briquettes for heat conduction is to add heat radiating off the conductive layer just below the grilling grates. Done well this will allow the cooking surface to be hotter than the rest of the area inside the closed hood where hot air circulates to cook our food.

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Flavorized style heat shield is steel coated with a protective porcelain enamel. Use care cleaning porcelain enamel to ensure the porcelain does not get scratched. A wire brush will eventually scratch away the protection and the steel under the porcelain will rust.


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porcelain enameled heat shield

Stainless steel heat shield replacement for Great Outdoors barbeque models. The heat shield, also called the vaporizer sits above the grill burner to spread the rising heat and to vaporize the falling greases, marinades, cooking spiaces and rubs and add to the convectional flavor in the closed hood.


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stainless steel vaporizer flavorizer heat shield

galvanized steel wire rock grate great ourdoors. The rock grid is designed to hold lava rocks or briquettes above the grill burner and below the cooking grates so heat is spread across the cooking surface and grease falling is either deflected from the burners or is vaporized by the hot briquettes or lava rocks while cooking.


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galvanived wire grid 12.75 x 20 inches for lava rock or briquette

galvanized steel wire rock grate replaces grill parts in great outdoors model barbecues. The galvanized wire grid is designed to support a layer of briquettes or lava rocks that conduct radiant heat inside the barbecue.


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galvanived grate holds briquettes or lava rocks 14.75 x 21.5 inches
Universal Adjustable Grill Parts
image of lava rocks in barbeceu under grates

Lava rocks just dump onto the grid under the cooking surface and above the burner like the image above. The lava rocks heat up with the grill burners and conduct heat which is designed to radiate to the grill grates.

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porcelain rods used in barbecue

This grill uses porcelain rods locked into a stainless heat shield so the heat radiates evenly at the grilling grate surface.

universal adjustable heat shield with briquettes in bbq

This is a stainless steel and aluminum universal adjustable heat shield that can be used with any barbecue or grill model. In this instance we installed the universal heat shield to support red pyramid briquettes but this heat plate can be installed with or without briquettes or lava rocks.


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