Porcelain Enamel Protected Set Of Cast Iron Cooking Grates.

Cast Iron Cooking Grids are generally very popular because cast iron conducts heat very effectively. However, cast iron will show the effects of oxidation within a few hours in a humid environment -- like inside an outdoor barbecue grill! -- so cast iron has to be treated for outdoor use. Although it is common to use a powder coating or a matte-finish with porcelain this set of cooking grates have a high polish porcelain coating. The matte-finish often looks more like how we expect cast iron to look whereas the polish looks more like a coating.

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cast iron cooking grates Brinkmann $100.

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brinkmann grill parts cast iron replacement cooking grids
close up detail of cooking grid raised edges

Bottom Side Edges

A testament to the design of these cooking grates, the corners are built-up as part of the actual cast iron castings. With the cooking grates right-side-up the corners hold much of the grid off the shelf of the barbecue firebox where it is common for greases and sauces to accumulate. The build-up of moisture affects the iron but also can slowly damage the coating protecting the casting.

set of two cast iron cooking grates

These grids are considered Reversible. Right side up the grates are thinner, almost rounding to a point on top like cooking grates typically used for broiling and barbecuing. With the bottom side up the grates are considerable wider and are flat like searing grates often used when grilling at high temperatures.

This item is a set of Two Porcelain Coated Cast Iron cooking grates. The grates are slightly less than seventeen inches deep and eleven and three quarter inches wide for a total width at a minimum of twenty-three and a half inches.

These cooking grates fit several different barbecue grill models including Brinkmann, Charmglow and several others. Always check the dimensions because the front to back depth is what really matters when replacing gas grill grates.

set of two cast iron cooking grids
cast iron cooking grates Brinkmann $100.

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brinkmann grill parts cast iron replacement cooking grids

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cast iron cooking grate detail

These grates are thicker than most stainless steel or coated steel cooking grates because of the casting process of fabricating with cast iron. The grids are able to be used top-down so the grid is flat and wode and can also be used right-side-up so the contact with food is lessened.

top of cast iron grid

Although not obvious in a picture, the top of the cooking grates are much thinner than the bottom of the cast iron cooking grids. Depending on whether we're cooking with a lower heat or a higher grilling temperature the thickness of the grid and amount of heat conducted through the material can be changed for easier cooking.

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