Control Valve and Orifice Replacement Information.

Although Many Viking, OCI and DCS control valves are the same and the orifices are all the same, the U burners use a different BTU setting than the infrared burner, the smoker and the rotisserie burner. The control valve turns towards the left - counter clockwise -- and the "D" stem is split to allow the control knob to be tight or loose as needed. The control valve also has a small set-screw inside the stem to allow for minor adjustments. Orifices ship blank unless ordered with the correct hose and regulator and in a quantity and type that is identical to the model of the barbecue.

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Hood style orifice with #72 starter hole and one eighth pipe threading.

When Ordering Orifices, Order an LP or NG regulator With The Orifices. When we are sending orifices, we will be able to pre-drill the appropriate BTU rating if the regulator is shipping with the orifices. If we have to send orifices, alone, these will be blank. Your installer will need to drill to the Certified gas flow rate on site depending on regulator pressure.


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replacement gas orifice for oci gas bbq grill repair

OCI replacement control valve.

Control valve attaches to manifold inside control panel. Knob mounts to front "D" shaped stem and gas orifice threads to the front. The perpendicular threading is where the valve attaches to the manifold to pull gas. Gas comes in through the bottom and out the front of the valve. Inside a small ball-valve adjusts the flow of gas.


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oci replacement control valve
radiant tray assembly

Hood Style Gas Orifice.

A hood style orifice is simply a gas jet that screws onto the tip of the control valve. There are many sizes and lengths of hood orifice. This image shows the OCI and DCS orifice but the orifices here have different holes drilled in the end. LP (liquid propane) gas is a vaporized liquid and has a small physical mass so the hole in the propane orifice can be very small. Natural Gas has a much greatr mass so the orifice opening has to be much larger for the same amount of fuel to pass through.

A new orifice has only a starter hole and needs to be drilled for the type of gas and the BTU rating for the burner. In order to drill an orifice we need to know the burner is rated for (for instance) 20,000 BTU, is attached to propane or natural gas and what pressure the gas line is regulated to allow to the appliance.

tray without conductive rods
tray without conductive rods

TEC infrared burner orifice and control valve attached to the Gas Manifold.

Control Valve Adjustments

The orifice is attached to the end of the control valve where it extends into the barbecue grill burner. The hood orifice has a variety of lengths and widths but most are interchangable. People will usually change orifices only when changing the type of gas burned in their barbecue, grill or fireplace as it is extraordinarily rare for an orifice to become damaged or need to be replaced for any other reason.

The orifice extends the control valve into the venturi tube section of the burner which is open so gas is mixed with air as the gas shoots into the burner. The orifice has a hole in the tip that allows only so much gas to pass into the burner. The hole in the tip is calculated by comparing the BTU rating of the burner to the type of gas and the amount of pressure the gas line holds which is dependent on the gas regulator.


Replacement hood style orifice with #72 starter hole and 1/8-27 threading.
Generally, the only reason to change an orifice is because the gas type is changing. Order orifices with the necessary regulator.


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replacement gas orifice for oci gas bbq grill repair
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The same hood style gas orifice is used on gas barbecues by:
DCS - Dynamic Cooking Systems
OCI - Outdoor Concepts
TEC - Thermal Engineering
Viking Gas BBQ Grills.
Some Turbo grills and many others.

Each barbecue model and usually each burner will have a different BTU rating so the used orifices are not interchagable.

thermal engineering corporation tec control valve TEC Control Valve

This control valve by Thermal Engineering infrared gas grills uses this same hood orifice to control gas flow and high-low settings on infrared burners.

When the control valve orifice opening is calculated the size and shape of the burner is not always an important variable. Most barbecues will set the burner BTU based on expected heat output. A lot of common barbecues set the orifice at approximately 13K BTU which will provide 450 to 500 degrees in most BBQ's. A a grill that is expected to get hotter will often have a larger opening in the orifice. For instance the DCS and OCI orifice is set to allow up to 24K BTU and some infrared grill orifices can be set as high as 40K BTU. The gas pressure plus BTU rating determines the size of the drill-bit used to create the hole in the orifice.

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viking gas bbq grill control valve replacement for grill repairs

More than one Viking control valve uses this same orifice on the original and replacement control valves.

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