Universal BBQ Grill Ignition Electrode.

I suspect this electrode was designed for a particular barbecue several decades ago but the design is so easy to work with it has become a universal electrode for us. Although many gas griull manufacturers make replacement ignition parts we have some electrodes that cost six dollars and some electrodes that cost sixty dollars. Although the subtle differences can be very important the differences are pretty minor from one electrode to another compared to something like comparing a balloon to a tractor. This electrode can be installed into hundreds of barbecue grills for a fraction of the cost of the manufacturers electrode so we use this one a lot. An electrode is essentially a small spark plug and any spark plug, any electrode will spark when it is connected to any module. The major difference from one to another is the size and the way they mount in the grill so the spark occurs where the gas comes from the burner. This electrode size and structure of the mounting bracket makes it able to be installed in a lot of grill models.

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IG6-3700 ceramic electrode with bendable wire, mounting bracket, and male spade connector for gas grill ignitor repair. $15.

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bbq grill parts ignition electrode
ignitor electrode with bracket

Universal Ignitor Electrode

We call this electrode universal because it can be installed in thousands of barbecues even though it was not designed specifically for those models. The long steel post can be easily clipped shorter or bent at any angle to move the tip to spark wherever we need the spark to occur. The bracket is open-ended so it is also easy to manipuate and can be changed to mount pointing the tip of the electrode wherever we need it. The bracket is parallel with the electrode so it can be installed to a burner clip or bracket above or below the electrode.

universal electrode igniter

The bracket is designed to attach to any bracket, burner, heat shield or wall of the grill and keep the electrode raised off the surface. The bracket is flat to the electrode but it is bent so we could mount the flat bracket to the floor and the electrode would still be raised. The brackets are open at the ends so they can also be bent at a ninety degree angle to install to a front gbarbecue firewall like most traditional electrodes.

As just one of many thousands of applications here is a picture of an H shaped burner using this universal electrode. As you can see in the foreground of this picture there is a bracket on almost every H shaped burner, butterfly (also called figure 8 and infinity burners) burner, and oval shaped burner. This bracket is what we normally use to attach an igniter electrode. Obviously we can install this electrode by screwing it to this bracket. However, just to show how versatile this electrode can be we have the electrode installed to the bolt that holds the venturi tube to the H burner. Even if a burner does not have a bracket to mount an ignition every H, Oval, Figure 8 burner will have a bolt to hold the venturi.

Fortunately this electrode is long enough that we can mount it anywhere and the tip can be pointed at or bent towards the gas in order to ignite the grill.

electrode installed on H shaped burner
IG6-3700 ceramic electrode with bendable wire, mounting bracket, and male spade connector for gas grill ignitor repair. $15.

Free Shipping USA!!
bbq grill parts ignition electrode
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In the image to the right the universal electrode is attached to a pipe burner that has a bracket for an electrode. The electrode designed by the manufacturer is over forty dollars and it is not heavier or last longer thatn this universal electrode.

In an OCI gas grill there is a bracket sticking straight out between the burners and the electrode is bolted to the bracket as though it were a roof over the head of the electrode. When the electrode sparks the gas coming from the burner to the right side and the burner on the left side are both ignited from the one electrode. This electrode costs a quarter of the manufacturers electrode installs perfectly to the grill bracket.

electrode attached to burner

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