Cooking Grate Scraper For V Channel Infrared Grilling Grates.

TEC and Solaire Infrared grill grates are not the heavy cast stainless steel material often used on other high-quality barbecues. Most infrared grill manufacturers use a thinner material for the grates above infrared burners because the intense heat of an infrared burner wan damage heavier grates with heavier mass. Thinner grates are manufactured of high-quality material and channeled so the intense heat will vaporize any drippings held in the concave channels of the grid. Unfortuantely this makes the grilling grates very dirty with build-ups of grease and dirt and sauces and other residues that are very attractive to bugs and rodents. The V channel scraper fits the concave shape of the new TEC and Solaire grids perfectly for a fast easy way to keep the stainless steel totally clea.

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304 stainless steel Solaire infrared gas grill scraper for concave, vaporizing cooking grates with V channel. The scraper is designed to perfectly scrape the V channel grids clean to make the stainless steel last longer.


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Infrared Grate Scraper

As an aside: We get a lot of calls from customers who need to replace cooking grates asking if concave grids should be used facing up or down -- concave or convex. As demonstrated by the laser etching in this image concave grill grates should be used facing up. The channel should be open towards the food so marinades, grease, rubs, etc fall in to the grate channel and vaporize.

The infrared grill grate scraper is designed for the V channel grates we install on Solaire and TEC infrared gas grills. The V channel scraper has two points like fangs on a vampire so the grid channels are totally cleaned everytime the scraper is used. This V channel cleaner is manufactured with the same 304 stainless steel and cut to match the angle of the V channel cooking grates perfectly.

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The numerical designation 304 applied to stainless steel means that in addition to the iron oxides drained during the smelting process the stainless material also has to have added a minimum of eighteen percent chromium and eight percent nickel. Nickel is very expensive and is the primary driver of the cost of real 304 stainless steel products. Nickel is a hardening agent that will slow down the oxidation process which is called pitting because the beginnings of rust will look like small dots on the surface of the stainless. This will usually take at least six - seven years to begin when a grill is being neglected.

Chromium (at eighteen percent minimum) causes a chemical reaction with oxygen atoms in the atmosphere surrounding the material. The result is a coating that protects the surface of the stainless steel very similar to oiling a old cast iron skillet. Chromium interacting with oxygen will leave an invisible protective barrier to stop moisture and humidity from causing pitting. However, the material must be relatively clean in order for the chromium in the stainless to react with the oxygen in the air. The stainless must be cleaned a couple times a year to be able to protect itself.

The grate scraper means the cooking grates on a TEC or a Solaire infrared gas grill can be scraped right down to the surface layer of stainless within seconds. After grilling follow the instructions in the manual to burn-off the grates. Then simply scrape the V channel grids to push the dried greases off the cooking grates. Sometimes it will also be useful to scrape the grates from the bottom because some grease will be splashed or boiled over the lip of the channel but not as often as scraping the channels.

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Cooking grate scraper designed for V channel grids on Solaire and TEC infrared gas grills with these concave V channeled grates.


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Cooking grates always look so shiny and amazing the day we get a new barbecue grill. With the way stainless transfers heat and the grilling endured cooking grates can only look so good after a few years. With infrared V channel grates this scraper really makes it easy to scrape the grids every single time we grill. By scraping the grates every single time we grill we only use about 45 seconds cleaning the cooking grids. However this extra minute at the end of each meal -- after the burn-off -- will be the difference between a set of grilling grates that last 10 years and the grates that last 3 years.

In addition to the V channel scraper that makes the grids easy to clean which doubles and trilpes the life of the product the new V channel design is also a better grate. The V channel design is all one solid piece of stainless steel so the channels do not have a front and back frame spot welded in place. The channels do not rattle when moved and do not bend when dropped. The openings in the front and back means grease and sauces and anything else in the grate channels will flow or be scraped compately off the cooking grid. The older design with U channels built up a lof of grease in the front and back framing of the grate and the pieces spot welded to the grid eventually broke off in pieces.

original tec grate

Unfortunately there is not an equavalent scraper that fits the U channel cooking grates originally used on the TEC grill models. TEC does not make this concave grid any longer because they install the grids above a plate of glass but many of the Patio 2 and Sterling 2 infrared grills in use today have these U channel grates. We have been replacing the TEC grids with V channel grates when ever possible.


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