Jacuzzi BBQ Grill Cooking Grate Replacements.

Barbecue Grill Cooking Grates Replace Those In Jacuzzi BBQ Grill models.

Jacuzzi brand barbecue grill cast iron cooking grates to replace old grill grids. Most of us can stand dirty burners, dirty radaint heat shields, briquette trays, failing ignitors and many other parts of our barbeques but the cooking grates ... we don't want to eat off dirty cooking grates!

These cast iron BBQ Grill grates are of a size to fit Jacuzzi barbecue grill models and ship in sets of two very thick and very heavy iron grids.

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Cooking grate set of two pieces 15 inches deep and 12 inches wide for a total 24 inches wide cast iron protected with a porcelain coating.


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jacuzzi grill bbq cast iron cooking grids

Replacement Jacuzzi cast iron cooking grates. Dimensions are just a shade below Fifteen inches and both grill grids are 12.25 inches to total 24.5 inches width with the set of barbecue cooking grates.

Cast iron is protected with porcelain enamel coating and can be reversible because iron conducts and holds heat so effectively.


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cooking grate replacement fits jacuzzi barbeque models

One side of cast iron grilling grids are concave channels made for high heat grilling.

Reversible cast iron cooking grates.

Cast Iron cooking grates sized to fit multiple models of Jacuzzi barbeque grill. These sets of replacement gas BBQ grids conduct and retain heat better than porcelain coated steel and stainless stel. Cast iron is strong and is heavy but cast iron will also oxidize immediately so cooking grates have porcelain enamlel coating which is not affected adversely by heat and protects the iron from rust.


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