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Dynasty and Jenn Air Gas BBQ Grill Replacement Burners.

Jenn Air has been a household name synonymous with high quality appliances for many decades. The Dynasty outdoor barbeque grills manufactured by Jade and Jenn Air were no exception. However, now that Dynasty is no longer manufactured Jenn Air barbecues are no longer American made or even made by Dynasty gas grills, Jade, Corp. or Jenn Air Appliances. The Jenn Air barbeque grills that are made overseas and imported for lower priced sales in the big box-store retailers look like they are high quality but they are no better than the other BBQ grills in the gigantic-retailer stores. At Grill-Repair.com we do not buy the replacement parts from the companies who buy, sell or import these imported barbecues because the quality of workmanship and materials is not high. If my own Service Technicians had to go back a year after repairing a BBQ grill we would have a difficult time keeping customers. We purchase gas BBQ grill replacement parts manufactured specifically for Dynasty and Jenn Air barbecue grills.

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Cast Iron H Burner and venturi for the original Dynasty gas barbecues grills that sold under the name Dynasty and Jenn Air models DBQ30F DBQ36 DBQ42.


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cast iron replacement H burner and venturi for dynasty jenn air gas bbq grill repair

Stainless steel replacement pipe burner for Jenn Air barbeque grill repair including models copied below.

These are much older models and made witht he original Jenn AIr and Jade fabricators.

JA460 -- JA461 -- JA461P -- JA480 -- JA580.


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jenn air gas bbq grill replacement parts for stainless steel barbeque burner repair

Stainless steel pipe burner over Sixteen inches found in late Jenn Air BBQ grill models sold through Lowes. Original Jenn Air models did not have stainless pipe burners but late model Jenn Air BBQ's sold through Lowes used this burner.
Always check dimensions.


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stainless bbq grill pipe burner

Replacement stainless steel gas bbq grill U shape burner found in Jenn Air barbecue models like those models listed below. These are the Nexgrill imports after Jade and Jenn Air closed their fabrication down and sold the brand to be used by retailers.
720-0336 - 720-0337 - 720-0511 - 720-0512.

The u burner has a flat bracket welded to the pipe burner in back for installation to the firebox.


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jenn air bbq grill stainless u burner replacement

Replacement cast iron burner for Jenn Air gas bbq grill repairs. This is a very widely used barbeque grill burner fitting many popular brands of BBQ models. Burner is just slightly less than 16 inches long. A post in back keeps the burner installed in the back shelf of the firebox.


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replacement cast iron gas bbq grill burner for jen air barbecues

Sixteen inch cast iron burner fits Jenn Air gas barbecue grill models from Nexgrill imports. NexGrill models will have models beginning with 710 and 720 numbers including:

720-0061..... 720-0062..... 720-0063..... 720-0099..... 720-0100..... 720-0138..... 720-0139..... 720-0141..... 720-0142..... 720-0150..... 720-0163..... 720-0164..... 720-0165..... 720-0171..... 720-0671..... 720-101.

Burner casting has a small perpendicular post on the bottom below the burner back to support in the BBQ. Actual burner has steep incline on top, above flame port holes.


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cast iron replacement gas grill burner jenn air
jennair burner dimension schematic
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used burner
dynasty  jenn air cast iron H shape burner
valves control dynasty bbq grill flames jenn aur jade

Originally Dynasty was a division of Jade Corporation. Jade owned Jenn Air, MayTag and Dynasty appliances for indoor and outdoor use.

Recently purchased by Kenmore the Dynasty barbecues have been stopped in favor of imported barbecues under the more popular Jenn Air model label. The brand was more recognizable.

Cast iron burners have the ability to rust to pieces in a very messy way. As cast iron oxidizes the material flakes and initially will clog gas bbq grill ports in the burner. Clean the burners and the ports and oil the castings or spray with a non toxic sealant if ports are clogged but always check valve adjustment and carbeurator adjustment first as this is usually the issue.

Of Course, Cast Iron is used in spite of oxidation when unprotected because cast iron conducts heat brilliantly. Cast iron will allow the grilling surface to maintain much more heat than any hood thermometer will read from circulating convectional heat being constantly drawn in for hot revolutions and vented through the back of the hood.


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