Replacement BBQ Grill Cooking Grates Fit Jenn Air Barbeque Models.

Jenn Air started out as an indoor appliance division of the Jade Corporation. Dynasty was the outdoor gas barbecue division of Jade. Jenn Air made some gas models but the outdoor models by Jenn Air were very durable electric barbecues. The newer models we have seen over the last eight years or so are imported here to be sold out of big retail stores with the Jenn Air name on them. They are not manufactured by the company we all recognize as Jenn Air. Many of these Jenn Air models use the same burners, cooking grates and heat shields as other imported barbecues. Below are the replacement cooking grates that can be used to repair and replace Jenn Air Cooking grids.

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Heavy stainless set of BBQ grill cooking grates fit Jenn-Air barbeque models.

19.25" deep and almost 26" wide because set of 2 grids almost 13" wide.


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jenn-air stainless steel replacement cooking grate

Set Of Three Cooking Grates replace grids in Jenn Air models. Cooking grates are protected with a porcelain coating over steel wire grates.

19.25 inches deep.

Three grids together are just wider than 31 Inches.


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set of cooking grates

Cast Iron set of two cooking grates for Jenn Air barbecue grills.

Grids are 19.25" deep and combine to total 24.75" width.


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cast iron set of two cooking grates fits Jenn Air BBQs

Cast Iron Cooking Grates. Set Of Three reversible grill grids for high temperature and low heat cooking. Cast Iron is protected by porcelain Protective coating.

Cooking Grate Details

Cooking grates are 19.25" Deep. Three Grids together are 31" wide.


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three section cooking grate

Set of three cast iron grilling grids can be used with Jenn Air BBQ's.

Set of 3 cooking grates are slightly less than 19" deep and 31.75" wide together.


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three section cooking grate

Stainless Steel Set Of Three Cooking Grates fitting Jenn Air barbeque grill models.

Grilling grids combine for 31.5" depth and front to back are 18.75 inches deep.


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set of cooking grates for jenn air

Set of Three porcelain coated steel cooking grates for Jenn Air models. Cooking grates are 18.75 inches deep and all three grids provide 31.5 inches width.


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cooking grates for Jenn Air BBQ grills porcelain coated steel

Set of three cooking grates, design as shown. Depth is 18.75 inches deep and three grids installed together 29.5 inches wide.

Grilling grids are used to replace grates in Jenn Air models.


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cast iron cooking grates

Single cast iron cooking grate with porcelain coated protection.

Single grid will fit Jenn Air BBQ Grills but is needed in quantities, Cooking grate is over 16 inches depth and is over 9 inches wide.


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porcelain coated cast iron cooking grate

bbq grillware cooking grates gas bbq grill replacement parts

replace,ent cooking grids for bbq grill ware barbeque grills


These cooking grates coat cast iron with porcelain enamel to protect the cast iron grate. Cast iron is very useful for indoor and outdoor cooking because cast iron spreads and radiates heat very effectively. Cast iron will also begin to get surface rust within days of leaving in the weather. Porcelain coatings protect the cast iron material so it does not rust so quickly. Clean the cast iron grates very carefully without a lot of abrasion. Once the porcelain is scratched the cast iron can begin to rust.

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