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Jenn Air BBQ Grill Repair Parts

Back when Jade owned Jenn Air appliances the outdoor barbecue grill brand was called Dynasty. After they were bought out the Dynasty gas grills were sold as Jenn Air models but back when Jenn Air was still Jade the outdoor appliances were called Dynasty. The name has been used to sell imported barbecues because of the mistaken assumtion we make associating high quality American made manufacturing with Jenn Air but the company that was Jenn Air has been sold. The newer version of Jenn Air does not use the same H burners and briquette trays the original Dynasty gas grills used. There are new igniter electrodes, burners, heat shields and other replacement gas grill parts available for these new Jenn Air models.

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ceramic electrode ignitor jenn air
This electrode is simple to install because the electrode housing is mounted inside a threaded sleeve. The sleeve is installed into the hole in the front firewall of the BBQ and the two nuts tighten to hold it in place. The threads can be used to make the sleeve extend further into the grill of necessary to put the tip of the electrode near the collector box or the burner so the tip has a clean piece of metal to arc against.


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jenn air replacement electrode for grill repair igniter

Although not an electrode designed for Turbo and Jenn Air and other models, we use this ignition electrode as a retro-fit installed in flame thrower models so we can make them spark against the burner in any place necessary for reliable ignition.

Electrodes ship with additional washers for proper installation,


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long threaded ignitor electrode

universal ignitor bracket with collector box, electrode, insulated wire, and female connector compatible with most piezos. Fits all H burners, both cast iron and stainless steel. Mounts to burner using venturi screws. Slot allows adjustment of electrode position.

electrode details


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universal electrode fits all oval a h burners

electrode details

Thermometer fits Anything with a single post. Up to 700 degrees fahrenheit heat indicator has a tension clamp. Push the backing against the inside wall and release so the clamp pushes against the inside wall to hold the outside thermometer face tight from inside. No matter what material or thickness this thermometer will fit tightly to anything. Two Inch Diameter.


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heat indicator thermometer with tension clip

This electrode and stainless steel collector box is from Lynx gas grill models manufactured before 2007. The Dynasty electrode (image below) is almost exactly the same design so we use these for the Dynast gas grill repairs when an ignition is needed.


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lynx bbq grill replacement electrode and collector box igniters for grill repair

Common QCC threaded 36" LP Hose and Regulator fits all BBQ's and all common LP cylinders. Fitting is 3/8 inch flared female threading on the Extra Long gas hose.


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36 inch hose and regulator

LP hose with QCC-I type one regulator fits all grills 3/8 flared female fitting for grill manifold and 24 inch hose.


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grill parts bbq regulator and two foot long hose

Replacement regulator for Natural Gas Grill with 1/2 inch female attachments. Buy this regulator for NG bbq grills and if you are converting a barbeque from LP (liquid propane) to natural gas.
LP regulator allows gas at approx 11 inches of water column and natural gas regulators regulate gas at 2 inches water column.


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natural gas regulator for bbq grill convert from lp to ng

In-Line Liquid Propane Appliance Regulator.

When using a large permanent propane tank the gas line will connect to the barbecue with this low-pressure appliance regulator.


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liquid propane regulator for bbq grill convert from lp to ng

Ten foot long gas hose with pneumatic connector. Three-eights coated gas line designed for outdoor strength. Quick-connection end makes the hose easy to attach and remove in case the appliance has to be moved. Gas hose is also available as half-inch inner diameter and fittings but this product is the three-eights gas line used with most barbecues.

This gas hose ships with many various adaptors and threaded fittings for use with many manifold and gas line shut off connections.


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gas hose
GH-3 Three Foot (3') extension hose with 3/8" flared female ends extends regulator and hose. Use to extend regulator hose, often used with built in BBQ grill accessories like LP tank pull-out drawer. $21

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gas grill extension gas hose for jenn air bbq repair

Replacement spud style orifice has 9/32 inch hex-head diameter. Orifices are drilled to suit and used to convert BBQ Grill to LP or to NG and when ordered with the appropriate regulator.

In order for Us to Drill the orifices before shipping the transaction must include the appropriate regulator because BTU flow is determined by regulator pressure.


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spud orifice for weber gas bbq grill valve

Replacement orifice is used to convert barbecue grill models to natural gas or to propane fuel. Hex head is 1/4 inch for use in many older and the new flame-thrower control valve barbecues. All orifices are sold new and can only be drilled before shipping when the regulator is part of the transaction because regulaator pressure determines the orifice size for specific BTU flow rate.


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spud orifice for weber summit gas bbq grill valve

Replacement gas valve with extended 45 degree angle to orifice for some Jenn Air barbecue grill models.

Same 45 degree extension is also used in some Turbo STS models.

This flame thrower valve has the electrode attached to ignite the gas BBQ burner. Install original orifice. Actual Replacement Valve is Not a Flame Thrower Style Control.

Flame Thrower Valve Data

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turbo STS gas grill valve replacement
Flame Thrower Valve Data

Replacement flame thrower control valve and auotmatic ignition used in many barbecue grills. Clamp-On valve has straight extension to gas orifice and straight gas bracket attached to ignition electrode. Gas bracket, piezo starter and electrode attached for automatic ignition when control valve is turned on.


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summerset alturi sizzler flame thrower valve ignition

Replacement flame thrower control valve and ignition for many model barbecue grills. Clamp-On valve has short 45 degree orifice and gas bracket with electrode for automatic flame thrower starter when control valve is turned on.


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turbo summerset jenn air weber ducane alturi flame thrower valve ignition

Clamp-On replacement control valve with paddle-momentary ignition clip. Thirty degree angle to orifice with double threads inside and out for gas connection. D=12.


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jenn air valve with ignition

This extended orifice fits the same 1/8 pipe thread control valves as the 88317 and 88379 control valves. These are standard with a starter hole drilled.

The hole in an orifice sets Safety Certified BTU flow and is determined by the LP or NG regulator pressure. For pre-drilled orifices order the appropriate regulator and contact us if needed for make and model of barbecue.


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brass orifice, extended

Although rarely necessary sometimes the 88318 orifice above is too short and we will need to use these extension adaptors attached to the control valve and the gas orifice. One eighth pipe thread.


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one eighth male female orifice adaptor threads
03340 universal battery powered ignitor for Brinkmann, Centro, Charbroil, Charmglow, Uniflame and many other barbeque grills. $34.

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battery module 4 spark ignitor replacement
03350 ignitor spark generator, Charmglow and any baebeque with a battery powered ignition with mounting button in the control panel. $36.95

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battery module 6 six spark ignitor replacement
20620 Ignition Kit comes with 2 long electrodes, 1 short electrode, collector boxes, wiring and battery with 3 spark module to install an entire ignition assembly. $35.

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universal ignition assembly kit with module, electrodes, wires and collector box

BBQ grill igniter. Sparking electrode is mounted in threaded sleeve making it easy to install anywhere. Stainless collector box protects sparking end and directs gas to the ignition spark. Threaded end and sleeve allows a lot of easy adjustments to line up with burner ports.


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jenn air dynasty grill parts ignition electrode
infrared gas grill bbq burner image

As technology disseminates the Jenn Air barbecue grills have models with infrared gas grill burners that provide instant, intense heat for searing style grilling.

electrode from ignition kit
grilled steak

Heavy cooking grates will usually absorb and conduct heat leaving a charred burn mark that adds texture to the flavor and a grilled appearance to the surface of the grilled steak. With an infrared gas grill burner the infrared burner gets too hot to allow the criss-cross design made by heavy cooking grids.

dirty dynasty bbq grill showing the H burner and electrode collector box

This shows the cast iron H burner venturi tube extending from the Jenn Air Dynasty barbecue. The venturi tube connects the control valve to the H burner. The electrode and collector box is very long and mounts to the fire wall to extend to the burner so the arc lights the gas emitting from the H burner.

grilling a lobster

grill repair is secure