Replacement Control Knob 3430 fits Kenmore and Charbroil Grills

Larger black control knob designed specifically to replace the control knobs on many Charbroil and Kenmore gas grills. Detail positioning instructions are printed on the side of the knob for proper use. D= 6 for valve stem positioning at control valve (explanation below).

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Replacement control knob fits several model of Kenmore and Charbroil gas barbecue grill. D = 12. Total height 1 13/16 inches and 2 1/4 inches diameter.


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replacement control knob fits several Kenmore bbq grill models.
weber control knob back attachment for spirit gas grill

Many control knobs do not have "high" and "low" and other indicators on the actual knob because the indicators are on the actual control panel. Obviously this control knob replacement for Kenmore gas barbecue grills from Sears have the instructions on the knob. Most Kenmore models also had instructions on the control panel of the gas grill.

The problem is the instructions on the control panel of any barbeque will eventually rub off, get scratched until they are illegible or just fade away. We do get calls asking for decals or stickers but the individual grills and separate models do not make these stickers available to replace during BBQ grill repairs.

Knob schematics for 8834309 are
2 1/4 inch diameter
1 13/16 inch tall
3/16 inch flat of D shaped stem-hole

weber control knob top view

This is the back side of the Kenmore and Charbroil BBQ control knob replacement part. The "D" shaped hole is flush at the bottom edge of the knob because the control valve stem extends beyond the control panel. Although there were a few Weber and Turbo models with sunken valves most gas grills allow the valve stem to stick out beyond the control panel.

The valve stem will have the flat of the "D" at 12 when in the off position. This means the flat of the D which is at the 8 o'clock position in the image on the left is at the same position os "Off". In this picture the Flat part of the D shaped hole is where the 8 would be on a clock and if we looked from the front the "Off" indicator on the knob will also be at the 8 position.


Replacement control knob fits several model of Kenmore and Charbroil gas barbecue grill. D = 6.


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replacement control knob fits several charbroil Kenmore bbq grill models.

The valve stem on any barbecue is going to have some kind of valve stem for the control knob to grip the control valve. In order to turn the valve stem they will generally have on area flat and the result often looks like the capital letter D. When checking replacement controls always check the valve and the knob for the proper setting by using the position of the D. Imagine a clock face around the valve stem. At the OFF position this knob is designed to have the flat part of the "D" at the 6 o'clock position.

kenmore bbq grill repair parts
weber spirit control panel showing original control knobs

The flat part of the D should be at the 6 o'clock position for this control knob on either a Charbroil or a Kenmore gas grill. The writing on the actual control knob will not be exactly correct to read "high, low, medium, off" of the valve stem position is not matched the the control knob. D = 6

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