Kirkland Barbecue Grill Replacement Burners

Even with good quality barbeque grills the gas burner is hot & cold, wet & dry, usually very dirty with yesterdays grilling grease and is the most common grill part replaced during BBQ grill repairs. Replacement burners here are made for the barnecues made for Wal Mart, Costco and Sam's Clubs. They sell with the BBQ model name of Kirkland, Members Mark and others. Depending on the model there are a few replacement burners for these grill repairs but the replacement are mostly better quality than the original grill burners that came with you Kirkland or Members Mark barbeces.

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Item Description Price Illustration
506S3 stainless steel wire cooking grates $190.

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52932 porcelain steel wire cooking grates $95.

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59151 porcelain steel wire cooking grid $64.29

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58S21 Stainless steel cooking grate rod set -- 33 pieces. Manufactured to fit Costco Kirkland gas grills. $149.29

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kirkland replacement cooking grid rods

Cast Iron Replacement Cooking Grates, Set Of Three is reversible for high and low heat cooking. Protective porcelain gloss coating protects cast iron and each grate has a opening for lifting without damaging the porcelain.

19.25 Inches deep and 31 Inches wide. Each of 3 cooking grids is 10 3/8 Inches.

Cooking Grate Details

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three section cooking grate
66123 cast iron cooking grill grate replacements fit Costco Kirkland gas grill. $84.29

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cast iron cooking grate grill replacement repair


install replacement bbq grill burner on grill control valve

grill repair is secure