Lazyman Gas BBQ Grill Replacement Cooking Grates

Lazyman gas barbeque grill replacement cooking grates are available in original stainless steel or porcelain enameled cast iron or porcelain coated steel. Lazyman gas barbecues are made in America and the stainless steel cooking grate replacement grill parts are designed to last forever. Because cast iron and steel rod grids can rust or corrode these grates are protected with a coating of porcelain enamel.

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Stainless steel heavy rod cooking grate replacement for LazyMan LM 210-40 models. Set of Three Grids for LazyMan model barbecue grill LM210-40.


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stainless steel replacement cooking grill grids for lazyman 210-40 model

Two Grate Set for Lazy Man MG25 Minute Glow models. Each grate is 15.75 inches deep. One grate has 9 grids for 10.5 inches width and the Second grate has 10 grids at 11.75 Inches wide.

These are the original Stainless Steel concave/convex grates 1/2 inch wide. Very Good Quality.


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lazyman minute glow cooking grate set
2121 Stainless steel heavy rod cooking grate set of 2 for Lazyman model barbecue grill LM210-28. This is for the full set of 2 grids to replace the grids on the Lazyman bbq grill model 210-28. $165.

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stainless steel replacement cooking grill grids for lazyman 210-40 model

LazyMan BBQ Grill Burner:

Some of the older Lazyman gas grills I have seen had lava rocks just dumped in around the barbecue grill's burners running front to back inside the grill. Even thought the burners were high quality American made 304 stainless steel the grease would coat the surface of the stainless steel and force its way nto the ports of the burners which disrupts the flames and gas flow. Many people beleieve lava rocks add flavor. I have never seen this or tasted this myself. I will tell you that I have seen insects and rats very attracted to a gas grill that had a lot of smelly, tasty grease packed into the rough texture of lava rocks over night.

LazyMan Gas BBQ Grill Burner:

Lazyman gas grill replacement burners are easy to replace and the entire Lazyman barbecue grills are simple to repair. The burner comes loose from the back of the inner firebox once the cooking grates, lava rock grid and lava rocks have been removed. There is a single screw and nut holding the back of the burner in place. remove the nut and bolt from the back of the old burner and lift the burner from the rear while pushing it away from you so the venturi slides off the orifice sticking out from the valve at the front of the inner firebox.

built in lazyman gas bbq grill 210 models in an outdoor kitchen

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