Lazyman Gas BBQ Grill Lava Rock Grid, Briquette Grates.

The heat shield design in Lazyman barbeque grill models has changed many times over the past 10 years. Originall the Lazyman barbecues just has burners and a cooking grate. The lava rocks were dumped into the gas grill over the burners. The next version of Lazyman models had a grid that held the lava rocks off the burners. This design tamed fown flare-ups and allowed the heat radiating off the lava rocks to heat the grilling area just below the cooking grate. The last version that conducted heat with porcelain used an inter-locking briquette system so there were no gaps and the radiant shield was evenly distributed within the as grill. The most recent and current Lazyman BBQ grill models does not use briquettes or lava rocks but thick 304 stainless steel heat shields that mount above the pipe burners. Heat shields radiate heat at the grilling surface, deflect dripping grease and protect the stainless gas grill burners below the heat plates.

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Use for lava rocks or briquettes in LazyMan 210 model BBQs. The galvanized steel rock grate can be installed in LazyMan 210 28 and 210 40 series barbecue grill models.


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lava rock grid replacement lazyman bbq grill repair

Replacement galvanized steel wire grate to support briquettes and/or lava rocks to conduct heat when grilling with Lazyman 210-28 and 210-40 model BBQ grills.


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lazyman gas bbq grill replacement parts for grill repair lava grate

Stainless steel set of 3 heat shields for Lazyman 210-28 gas BBQ grill models. This is the newest replacement part for Lazyman 210 series gas grill models. Original models had lava rocks, then ceramic tiles and newer grill models use these Broilrite Flavor Enhancers.

Radiant shields force even heat convection and conduct for flavor radiance.


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lazyman gas barbeque grill 210 series heat shield flavor enhancers

Replace LazyMan lava rock or briquette layer with heavy stainless steel radiant heat shields.

Four shields for LM210-40 force even heat convection and are heavy for heat conduction also!


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lazyman model 210-40 gas barbecue grill flavor enhancer gas grill heat shields

Hard, White, Non-Porous briquettes come in a pack of Thirty pieces.


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alfresco briquette

About Lazyman 210 models

Lazyman gas bbq grills have been manufacturing for many years. The consumer-friendly 210 series models include stainless steel barbecue grills on portable carts and built in models designed for use in custom outdoor kitchens. The Lazyman manufacturing and manufacturing materials are all made in America and use real 304 stainless steel to prevent any rust-through. These gas grills have evolved and grill parts have changed over the years but the bbq grill replacement parts are still available and will be available as long as the barbecue grills are widely used.

As we go into the backyards of our customers we have come across hundreds of Lazyman gas barbecue grills built in to custom outdoor kitchen grill islands. Often the grill heads are over 20 years old and only need a set of burners and a lava rock grate. Lazy man gas barbeque grills age well and are relaible for decades of grilling. The radiant trays and lava grids have changed over the years as the process of heating has become more effective. Typically lava rocks, briquettes and other conduction tools inside a barbecue grill catch all the drippings while barbecuing and they stay dirty long enough to be the most commonly replaced grill parts.

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