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Replacement Burner For Luxor BBQ Grills.

In this case the replacement is better than the original! These burners were the exact design Luxor copied when they manufactured their models but the original burners are all American 304 stainless steel. These burners are identical the the orignal Luxor burners by they are made much better and are widely available for repairs. The burners have a cross over bar ported for fast ignition and an adjustable carburetor built into the venturi tube.

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Stainless Steel U-shaped burner fits Luxor gas grills.

All American made 304 Stainless Steel U shaped burner with cross over bar and ports for faster ignition.


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stainless u burner replacement for luxor grill repair
stainless steel briquette support tray

Replace Burner In Luxor Grills

As these images demonstrate this center fed U shaped burner will fit the Luxor brand barbecues perfectly. The front venturi is Exactly the same as the original and the size is exactly the same. The bottom bracket shown here fits the cross bar in the grill for support.

Simply loosen the bar so it wiggles slightly and the bracket drops in place keeping the burner level.

briquettes tray installed in luxor grill

While Luxor gas barbeque grills were well made and copied some of the best gas grills on this planet they did not fabricate with American made 304 stainless steel. With low iron-oxide and both chrolium and nickel additives, 304 stainless steel has the ability to last forever in a very hot outdoor BBQ grill.

Cleaning off any grease and drippings once or twice a year will be enough with American 304 stainless whereas nothing could have helped the stainless in this image.

New stainless steel burner installed in old Luxor gas barbecue grill. The picture above showing the burner with all the holes rusted through it is the same grill as this newly installed burner.

The double prong electrode is mounted below the small plate centered in the front of the burner so the electrode sparks right over the center cross over tube on the U shaped burner. The small shelf protects the ignitor from dripping greases and sauces which is usually what causes ignition electrodes to fail.

The center fed U burner in the Luxor has a mounting channel under the burner which presses up against the cross beam in the grill. This installation is slightly different from the original which installed on top of the square beam under the burner but essentially the mounting pieces serve the same function which is to keep the burner straight, level and pressed up against the control valve orifice.

The main difference in the burners is that these replacements are all American made 304 stainless steel. The 304 stainless material is able to protect itself from rust as long as we keep the staless clean. While they may never look new if we lift out the burner once or twice a year for a good cleaning they'll last forever.

new burner installed in luxor gas bbq grill

Stainless Steel U-shaped burner fits Luxor gas grills.

All American made 304 Stainless Steel U shape burner. Burner cross over bars and ports make much faster ignition. Three sided bracket under this burner makes it install easily.


Free Shipping Continental USA!!
stainless u burner replacement for luxor grill repair
Mounting posts support briquette tray

Inside the Luxor gas barbecue grill the mounting posts that support the radiant briquette tray are installed in the front and back on both sides of the grill. Even the grill models that ship with an infrared burner will still have the mounting posts welded insode the firebox just in case a conversion is ever needed.

pyramid briquette in alfresco shield

The new Alfresco briquettes that are white and have the Alfresco "A" logo carved into the surface are a heavier briquette with more mass than the older style red pyramid briquettes. They are also a lot more expensive if they ever need to be replaced. As you can see in the images above it is still possible to replace briquettes with red pyramid briquettes. These briquettes are a lot less expensive and just barely fit into the opening in the tray.

Alfresco is best known for their infrared burners. The Alfresco infrared burner is built to the highest specification with high-quality materials and experienced American made workmanship. The burners are used in commercial resorts and high-end restaurants all over America. However, Alfresco also puts a lot of time and energy into the other features and benefits that define the Alfresco gas grills. The Alfresco ignition assemblies, rotisserie parts and the architecture of the grill is many years ahead of most barbecue companies. Moreover Alfresco has good customer service, an awesome network of dealers (yeah!!) and they manufacture built in accessories for custom outdoor kitchen construction.

used luxor barbecue grill needs new grill parts

grill repair is secure