Quality Replacement Parts For Luxor Barbecue Grills

All Types of Grill Repair Parts and Assistance Necessary For Luxor BBQ Models

Luxor barbecue grills are generally sold with infrared burners designed to pressurize fuel for high-heat searing temperatures but Luxor models usually are hybrids which also contain a low-heat sm,oker and a barbecue burner with briquettes. These gas barbeque grills were designed for long, low smoking and high-heat grilling and all types of cooking in-between and can be easily used to cook just about anything. Luxor does not use the same extraordinary fabrication materials as the grills they look most like so it is imperative to clean the BBQ at least twice a year to keep the stainless from pitting and corroding.

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Stainless Steel U-shaped burner fits Luxor gas grills.

All American made 304 Stainless Steel U shaped burner with cross over bar and ports for faster ignition.

Luxor Burner Details.

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stainless u burner replacement for luxor grill repair
880420 Replacement Gasket For Ceramic Barbecues Big Green Egg $25

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big green egg bbq gasket grill parts

Radiant briquette shield is 12 7/8 Inches Wide and 17.25 Inches deep. This radiant briquette tray fits in Luxor grill models just above the grill burner so the convectional heat spreads and circulates while radiant heat is magnified by the briquettes on top.

Luxor Images and Radiant Details

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luxor gas grill repair parts briquette tray Luxor Images and Radiant Details
2100226 Battery holder and button igniter replacement for Alfresco gas barbecue grill repair. The battery holder button mounts in the control panel of many older style Alfresco gas BBQ grills. This battery holder button is wired to a seperate module and that module is wired to the electrodes that spark at the burners inside the barbeque grill. $20.

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grill repair battery holder button ignition for module
6057R Two spark module -- gas barbecue grill module was used by dozens of barbecue grill companies. This module is usually connected to the battery holder button which holds a AA battery in the control panel.


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alfreco igniter module 9 volt starter
6058R Four spark module ignitor module has 4 spades to connect 4 electrodes for four burner bbq grill burner ignition. This older style module has a separate button that usually contains a AA 1.5 volt battery. These modules were used by dozens of different gas BBQ grill manufacturers. $59.00

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alfreco igniter module 9 volt starter

Ignition Electrode installes just below shield in Luxor gas grills. Total length from tip to tip is just over 3.5 inches.


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luxor gas grill infrared sear ignition electrode

Ignition module 9 volt replacement for Luxor model barbecue grills. Two wide connectors for the momentary switch and 4 outlets for up to four igniter electrodes.


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luxor ignition module
luxor replacement U shaped burner
luxor gas valve, igniter and orifice for smoker

luxor bbq grill burner ignition flame port


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