Pro-Sear Burner For 2006, 2010-11 Lynx 27/36 Model Repairs.

Although not a part of the original design as infrared burners evolved, Lynx was one of the early high-end manufacturers who recognized the value of the intense sear burner. As early as 2005 Lynx was installing infrared burners in their barbecues. To determine your model, locate the serial number below the drip tray. The third or fourth digit should be a number and the number after that is the last number of the year. For instance a serial number with 123A4567 would tell us the grill was manufactured in 2004. Use the serial number and the model of the grill to determine which burner is needed but also check the measurements to be sure because there was a lot of burners made early or continued into later years.

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Replacement infrared gas grill burner for Lynx barbecue grill models that are 27 and 36 inches wide. This is the shorter infrared prosear burner used in 2006, 2010 and 2011. Overall Size: 16 7/8 inches front to back and 8 1/2 inches wide from edge to edge.


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lynx prosear 2010, 2011 27 and 36 inch gas bbq grill replacement infrared burner and screen
lynx infrared pro sear burner from the top

Lynx Infrared Pro Sear Burner Replacement.

The infrared burner pressurizes gas in the lower housing to emit through the thousands of tiny ports on the ceramic tole top. Lynx Pro-Sear burners have gray strips built into the tile top design to resist warping and breaking the tile with the pressure and high temperatures. Several other grill manufacturers buy the same type of burners and Firemagic, OCI and other infrared burners have the same strips in the tile top.

Lynx ProSear infrared burners designed for use in models 27 and 36 inches wide are 16 7/8 inches long from the very back to the tip of the venturi tube. The overall width is 8.5 inches but the actual burner box is 7 3/8 inches wide at the bottom. The sides of the burner at the top are wider and the base at the bottom.

Note the bracket on the burner. This infrared burner is the same size as another pro-sear burner by Lynx but the bracket is different.

infrared prosear burner bottom brackets
lynx pro 2007 gas grill schematic
infrared prosear burner bottom for lynx 27 and 36 models

Note the back of the burner is flush. Although the top of the Pro-Sear burner has a lip along the sides and front of the burner the back of the burner is flush because the metal flange does not continue along the back.

The brackets on this burner move down and sideways whereas other infrared burners the exact same size do not have this kind of bracket.

infrared prosear burner for lynx 27 and 36 models

Pro-Sear Infrared Burner Venturi Tube.

All burners have some kind of a venturi tube to pass out of the grill fire box into the control panel to receive gas flow from the valve. The difference between common blue-flame convection burners is the infrared burner does not have an adjustable air shutter designed to control the amount of air mixing with gas as the gas flows into the burner. All infrared grill burners have open air shutters to allow the maximum amount of air to flow in and pressurize the gas for the intense heat Pro-Sear burners are designed to produce.

Lynx Pro-Sear Infrared Burners burn like stripes but the heat is so high and so intense the grilling surface is still evenly distributed for perfect searing.

lynx infrared sear burner


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