Modern Home Products - MHP - Gas BBQ Grill Replacement Parts

The company now known as MHP is one of the original gas barbecue manufacturers and once held the very first gas barbeque patent. MHP BBQ grills are built to last several decades in the worst conditions with minor grill repairs over time. Cast aluminum and high quality American stainless steel in MHP barbecues are resilient outdoors. MHP barbecues and grills keep up with current technology offeringg infrared burners for searing, specified searing cooking grates and many modern conveniences usually available only on much more expensive grills. Here we list Modern Home Products repair parts but there are many more. Contact us if the replacement grill parts you need for your MHP BBQ are not listed.

Item Description Price Illustration
01810 control knob. D = 6. MHP $8.95

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03800 ignitor collector box. Mounts perpendicular through casting with threaded rod and locking nuts. Includes male spade connector. No wire. MHP $10.95

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mhp gas bbq grill igniter electrode ad collector box
GG-WL MHP replacement rubber wheel for several MHP carts that fit the WNK and JNR barbecue grill models. Carts include:


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mhp wnk jnr grill cart rubber wheel

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