Replacement Cooking Grates To Repair BBQ Grills By NexGrill.

Although Nexgrill is an import company selling appliances to specific retailers there are some models with the Nexgrill brand. Other models like Kenmore, Charmglow, Charbroil will have Nexgrill in the manual although the brand of barbecue is something else. The grill parts listed for these barbecues will normally be listed on the page for those brands. Below are some of the Nexgrill brand cooking grate replacements. If you cannot fond the gris you need let us know at 954-2-GRILL-2 which is also 954.247.4552.

Nexgrill replacement parts
Item Description Price Illustration
59151 porcelain steel cooking grid nexgrill
model: 720-0152

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steel wire enamel coated replacement grate 19 by 10
60663 cast iron cooking grids nexgrill
model: 720-0419
model: 720-0459

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cast iron grates to repair nexgrill

Replacement cast iron cooking grate fits several models of barbecue by Nexgrill and others. Porcelain enamel coating to protect the cast iron grids has a matte finish.

BBQ Grill Models invlude:122.16119 - 122.16129 - 122.166419 - 16641 - 640-26629611-0 - 720-0341 - 720-0549 - 720-0670A - 720-0670C - GBC091W - GBC940WIR - GBC956W1NG-C - GBC981W - GBC981W-C - - GBC983W-C


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cast iron matte finish cooking grates

Steel and cast iron cooking grates will always have a coating on the material to protect the grid. Cast iron is high in iron oxides and can show surface rust within days if left untreated and outdoors. The porcelain coating is there because porcelain baked onto the material is safe for cooking easy to clean and protects the steel and cast iron from oxidizing. Cast iron and steel cooking grids often have a glossy finish but cast iron will also sometimes have a matte finish that looks more like raw cast iron.

Protect the cooking grates by cooking on them and then allowing heat to clean the grease and debris off the grates. When the cooking grids need to be cleaned with more than heat use a brass-bristled brush and a good degreaser. Do not scratch through the porcelain coating because we do not want the materials to rust.


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