Replacement Vaporizer Heat Shields To Repair BBQ Grills By NexGrill.

Heat Shields install in many barbecues just above the burner and below the cooking grate. The job of the shield is to force heat to move around the BBQ so there are not major hot and cold spots along the grilling grids. The vaporizer shields get very hot so any sauces and marinades that drip through the grids will land on this hot radiant shield and be vaporized into steam. Well designed radiant shields can spread heat evenly through the barbecue and add flavor to the cooking area by vaporizing thr dripping greases while cooking. If you cannot fond the gris you need let us know at 954-2-GRILL-2 which is also 954.247.4552.

Nexgrill replacement parts
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91231 stainless steel heat plate nexgrill
model: 681955
model: 720-0145
model: 738505


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stainless vaporizer shield for nexgrill bbq
91241 stainless steel heat plate nexgrill
model: 720-0025

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vaporizer replacement image stainless
91271 stainless steel heat plate nexgrill
model: 720-0008T
model: 720-0108
model: 778627

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replacement radiant vaporizer with large opening in center stainless shield

Stainless steel replacement vaporizer shield for barbecue grill models by Nexgrill.


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stainless heat shield for nexgrill barbecues
94591 porcelain steel heat plate nexgrill
model: 720-0419
model: 720-0459


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porcelain enamel heat plate

Older barbecues would use layers of briquettes, lava rocks, ceramic shaped tiles and porcelain shapes layered below the cooking grates to not only spread rising heat to obtain an even distribution of heat at the grids but also because the layer of conductive materials would absorb a lot of heat and the radiate a lot of heat. Old barbecues could build up enough heat radiating off the briquettes to become a grill with localized temperatures at the grilling grates. More recently gas grills have been using stainless steel triangular shields with higher BTU burners because the cleaner heat shields are easier to make and easier to clean. Drippings will still vaporize off these vaporizer shields and heat will still be forced throughout the barbecue. These designs are not grills that will sear meat to lock moisture inside and stop flavor from dripping out while cooking but as a barbecue they will cook.


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