Outdoor Concepts BBQ Grill Exploded Parts Schematics.

OCI barbecue grills are some of the best made barbecue grills available anywhere. For replacement parts we have a lot of the most commonly requested grill parts listed on thr Majestic Grill Parts OCI grill parts page. Below are the exploded view schematics that show all the different parts of the barbecue. We have listed the parts in order of the numbers listed on the schematics with a few variations for removing duplicates. If there are repair parts you need to replace please contact us through e-mail grill repair or at: 954-2-GRILL-2 which can also be used as 954.247.4552.

OCI Grill Parts Grates Detail OCI Radiant OCI Igniter
oci 26 grill body parts schematic exploded view

The OCI 26 grill parts shown here are the:
grease pan handle,
grease pan,
front heat shield,
body assembly,
igniter assembly,
burner shelf,
various hardware,
back panel,
infrared liner,
rotisserie panel (no rotisserie)
and the top grease shield.

These are the grill body parts of the OCI 26 model barbecue grill.

OCI 26 grates and burner gas control schematic of parts
OCI E26 Burner Install Video Instructions.

The gas burner and controls exploded parts schematic shows:
Main burner valve,
Gas Manifold,
Brass orifice for natural gas,
Brass orifice for liquid propane,
Center-feed U burner,
LP regulator,
NG regulator,
Grill Cooking Grates,
Radiant heat shield,
and hex bolts that hold it all together.

The parts for the OCI 26 and the other parts listed here are all available for replacement from the main OCI page with pictures, dimensions and installation details at OCI Grill Parts.

OCI 26 hood and rotisserie parts schematic

The hood assembly for the 26 inch Outdoor Concepts gas grill consists of:
Aluminum spacer,
Acorn nut,
Stainless shoulder bolt,
Lid handle, Lid weld assembly,
Hex bolts,
Lid end cap,
Ledge weld assembly,
Valve panel,
Igniter box,
Flat screw,
Control knob,
Control knob bezel,
Ignition switch,
Hex screw.

Obviously the schematic shows parts as a singularity whereas the actual BBQ grill may have more parts or slighttly different parts.

grill body exploded parts schematic for OCI 30, 36, 48
OCI E36 And E48 Burner Installation Instructions.

The schematics for the 30, 36 and 48 grill parts shows the three barbecue sizes. The 30, 36 and 48 inch Elite models are different sizes and have different sized parts like control panels, drip trays, etc. The parts as listed here are:
Grease pan,
Grease pan handle,
Alignment angles,
Bottom panel,
Burner box assembly,
Right side heat shield,
Front heat shield,
Ignition heat switch,
Ignition box,
Stainless rollers,
Safety valve bracket,
Valve panel,
Control knob,
Control knob bezel,
Ignition collector box assy,
Left heat shield,
Ignition tube assy,
Upper right panel,
Upper left panel,
Infrared panel (20 and 23 inch),
Back panel,
Rotisserie panel,
Safety Button,
Safety bezel,
Grease shield,
Center divider, Smoker tray,
Smoker tray lid.

oci elite 30, 36, 48 gas control parts

Hex bolt brass union and flare union,
Safety valve,
Brass union and flare,
Safety loop (aluminum--stainless),
Brass and flare elbows,
Main burner valve,
low output valve,
Manifold, Regulator,
Radiant and tubes,
Grill Grates,
Rotisserie gas line,
304 Stainless U burner,
304 Stainless smoker burner,
Infrared burner,
Infrared grill grid,
Rotisserie ignitor collector,
Rotisserie burner.

Not all 30, 36 and 48 inch models have all these parts.

oci elite hood and body parts

OCI Elite grill parts for 30, 36 and 48 inch grill models are:
Aluminum spacer,
Stainless acorn nut,
Lid handle,
Lid assembly,
Hex head bolt,
Lid handle end cap,
Rotisserie rod,
Rotisserie forks,
Rotisserie motor,
Rotisserie fork screw,
rotisserie handle,
Stainless roller,
Warming rack,
Rotisserie motor mount,

As with the others the grill parts here are designed to be comprehensive for the 30, 36 and 48 inch wide Elite models by Outdoor Concepts but every model does not have every item.

OCI User Manual and Built-In Specifications

OCI Use and Care Manual -- all grills
OCI use and care manual for all OCI grills contains proper usage and safety practices. LP and NG hook up information and BTU data as well as ignition, adjustments and warranty contact. This Outdoor Concepts Users Manual demonstrates how to use the grill, infrared sear zone, rotiserrie, smoker and even contains grilling tips and recipes. Constructions details for built in BBQ grill heads and replacement parts are also included.

OCI Color Catalog and Built-In Specifications -- all products
This is the color sales catalog for all OCI products. Color images, detailed information and built in specs for grills, built in access doors and all built in accessories for utdoor kitchen grill island construction.

About OCI models

Outdoor Concepts models are listed in the image on the right. As seen here the 26 model has 2 knobs because there are 2 main grill burners in the 26 inch grill. The 30 model is 30 inches wide and has 3 control knobs because there are 2 main grill burners and an infrared rotisserie burner.

The OCI 36 and 48 inch wide models are certainly the most popular and most common grill models. The 36 model has 2 main U shaped center-feed burners and an infrared sear burner in the grill. The 36 also has a straight pipe burner below the smoker and an infrared rotisserie burner. The OCI Elite 36 has 5 control knobs. The OCI Elite 48 has 6 control knobs because it has another U burner making it wider than the 36. The Elite 48 has the same infrared sear burner, smoker burner and rotisserie.

The Four main gas grill models by Outdoor Concepts have different control valve settings to allow gas flow. The OCI 26 has 32 thousand BTU's. The OCI 30 has 70 thousand BTU's with 14 thousand of those for the rotisserie. Ths means the two U burners are 56 thousand BTU's or 28 K each.

The Elite 36 and 48 U burners are also 28 K BTU's each. The Elite 36 rotisserie is 14 K BTU and the Elite 48 rotisserie is 16 K BTU. Bother infrared searing burners are 23 K BTU's and both smoker burners pull only 5 thousand BTU's.

The BTU's are necessary to know for setting the grill's performance and for converting the barbecue grill from natural gas to propane or from propane to natural gas.

oci elite 36 model built in outdoor kitchen

grill repair is secure