OCI Gas BBQ Parts Assembly That Make Up The Grill Ignition

The Outdoor Concepts ignition assembly is very similar to the DCS ignition with the same nine volt modules used on both grills. OCI has a better engineered design for the electrode placement that keeps the electrode (spark plug inside the barbecue) away from dripping grease. Inbetween each burner in the grill is a cross-over bracket that allows flames from one burner to jump across to the burners next to it just incase the electrode is not lighting the gas with the spark. The cross over continues up through stainless tubing to the top of the fire box next to the cooking grates so the chef can light the burners manually by using the cross over tubes that are much safer than using a lighter if the ignition is not functional.

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Replacement ignitor module. Nine 9-volt battery powered spark generator for oci ignition assembly. The battery in the OCI module is accessible from reaching under the control panel. Module has 2 spade plugs to wire to the momentary switch and 6 outlets to control up to 6 electrodes.


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oci spark module

OCI replacement 4 outlet spark module uses 9 volt battery and switch - button mounted in the control panel. Use this module in the 30 inch and 26 inch OCI gas grill models that need a 2 spark or 4 spark igniter module.


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replacement 9 volt 4 spark ignitor module

Outdoor Concepts, OCI ignition module with 8 eight outlets for eight electrodes to plug into. This is good for the 48 inch models with side burners, rotisserie, smoker and grill burners that use 8 electrode igniters. Button installed into control panel wires to this models. Nine volt battery (not included).


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oci module with 8 outlets for eight electrode connections
nine volt module with 4 electrode outlets

OCI BBQ Grill Igniter

The OCI model BBQ grills have a nine volt battery ignitor module mounted at the bottom if the control panel. In this image note the rectangular opening at the bottom right side. This is where the battery is inserted. In the top left side are the 2 spades that the momentary button plugs on to so that the pressed switch causes the electroc to surge through the 4 spades in the center where the electrodes attach. The 4 or 6 flat male spades in the center of the module are for the electrodes to plug into. Usually we use a module with one extra spade than necessary so we have an extra ground wire. This generally strengthens the entire assembly. Each electrode will ground itself by being screwed to the stainless wall of the grill. However, just as crabon from the flames and grease, marinades and dirt can affect the ability of the electrode the same affects the grounded attachment to the front wall. An extra ground wire makes the ground unable to be weakened.

oci module ignition relacement instruction

Notice the Manual shows to push the battery into the opening in the module with no regard for where the positive and negative terminal end up

Althought this drawing from the OCI manual shows how the module is replaced by attaching the spark generator to the inside wall of the control panel the drawing also shows where the module is so customers know where to access the nine-volt battery...and change it!

Most customers who call for an OCI igniter repair have not changed the battery because it is not in an obvious location. Usually this is all it takes to repair the ignitor.
oci igniter electrode and bracket

The OCI electrode and collector box bracket is an interesting design that allows one electrode to light two burners and protects the electrode much better than most ignition designs. The heavy ignition bracket is a solid welded support with a cross-over tube. The electrode screws to the bracket so the steel tip ends inside the cross over tube. The tip of the electrode is protected by the bracket and the inside of the stainless tube provides a lot of surface space for the tip of the electrode to spark against. The cross-over design of the tube pulls gas from the burner to the right and to the left and the sparking at the center will ignite both burners.

oci igniter electrode and bracket

This is an alternate electrode for OCI ignitor repair. This electrode was made to fit a Chinese imported barbecue that was very inexpensive. The bracket just happens to match-up with the OCI cross-over bracket. Like the original OCI electrode the tip of the electrode will need to be trimmed so the steel post terminates inside the cross over tube. The electrode wire that is attached to this electrode is 47 inches long from the steel bracket back to the plug.

See Installation at the bottom of this page.


Electrode and collector box in threaded sleeve can be retro-fitted to replace the electrode and collector box in OCI E36 and E48 grill models.

OCI Ignitor Installation Video Instructions

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oci barbecue grill ignition electrode and bracket


OCI replacement electrode comes with electrode wire, collector box bracket with cross over igniter tube. In the Elite 36 and 48 models by Outdoor Concoets each electrode is designed to light the burner on the left side and the right side of the mounting bracket.Cross over tube is 3.75 inches wide.

No Longer Available. oci electrode bracket cross over collector box

Replacement electrode and collecor box cross over tube for OCI 26 inch grill models. The ignitor bracket cross over tube for the 26 inch barbecue is 5 inches wide.

No Longer Available. electrode and crossover ignition for 26 inch grill model

Replacement electrode and collecor box cross over tube for OCI 30 inch grill models. The ignitor bracket cross over tube for the 30 inch barbecue is 4.5 inches wide which allows the electrode to ignite gas from burners on the right and the left side of the ignitor..

No Longer Available. electrode and crossover ignition for 30 inch grill model

Ignitor switch. The ignition momentary button has small plastic tension flaps on the sides so it clicks into place in the hole in the control panel. Two metal spade plugs on the back of the button are wired to the module si the electrodes spark as long as the momentary button is pressed down.


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tension clip click in igniter button

Momentary switch is also know as the button that makes the igniter spark. The pyramid-shaped rubber button is a momentary switch and allows the module and send electrical charge to spark at the electrodes. This igniter button was designed for the Alfresco 9 volt assembly but is a great tool to replace the ignition button on dozems of barbecue models.


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button and igniter wires for momentary switch

This is an alternative electrode we use to attach to the OCI cross over electrode. The electrode has a bracket with a nut and bolt that fits the OCI bracket. The tip will slide right into the cross over tube and will need to be clipped to size. We do not clip these to size before shipping because there have been some inconsistencies in the OCI brackets. Line it up on your bracket, mark it with a marker and then clip the tip to fit into the cross over tube. 47 inches.


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replacement ignition electrode and wire for oci
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ignition momentary switch

This image shows the electrode listed above installed onto the ignition bracket for the Elite 36 and 48 inch models. The brackets line up for mounting on the cross over igniter brackets for the 26 and the 30 and this 36/48 bracket.

all three oci crossover ignition brackets and electrodes.

This image shows all three cross over electrode brackets so we can see the difference in the size of the cross over tube. All three ignition brackets use the same electrode but the bracket of the 26 is 5 inches wide. The bracket in the OCI-30 is 4.5 inches wide and the bracket in the 36 and 48 inch models is 3.75 inches wide.

electrode and wire

Because it is easy to use, easy to install and a lot less expensive than the OCI version of the same thing we use this electrode when repairing OCI barbecues. The wire is plenty long at 47 inches and the steel tip is long enough to line it up to end inside the cross over tube and cut with wire cutters. The electrode wire is coated and heavy for optimal use outdoors. The electrode steel tip is trimmed so it is inside the cross-over ignitor bracket tube. This way the sparks radiate around the inner tube while gas is pulled into the cross over bracket from the left side and the right side burner. The electrode bracket mounts between the 2 burners in the OCI BBQ grill.

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Ignition cross over bracket allows flames to jump back and forth between burners to help with ignition. The OCI electrode is mounted under this cross over bracket where it is hidden from sauces, marinades and grease that usually destroy barbecue igniters..

cross over bracket

grill repair is secure