Olde Native BBQ Grill Repair Parts

Olde Native was a retail company who manufactured and delivered custom outdoor kitchens. The built in bbq grill islands were built in a manufacturing plant and delivered to the backyard the island was designed for. The company was moderately successful and decided to go overseas and bring in their own built in barbecues. When they went bankrupt the following year there were a lot of customers with built in barbecues who were unable to locate replacement parts to repair their BBQ grill. Below are the the heat shields and the burners for the olde natuve barbeque grills. The hoses, regulators and igniters are all pretty much universal and can be used on thousands of various barbecues but be sure these items will fit your barbecue by checking the dimensions.

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Replacement U shaped burner used in Emperor and Olde Native barbecue grill models.

Burner Detail.

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center feed U shaped burner

Burner Detail.

Heat shield for Olde Native barbecue grills is shown here to display the top and the bottom of the heat shield that is no longer available. That heat shield was 14 inches front-to-back and 10 7/8 inches wide. The 92350 listed below will work as a replacement .

click to examine radiant option.

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olde native radiant briquette tray

Replacement center fed burner is 12.75 inches long and 6 inches wide with the cross over extending an extra half-inch. The center feed tube is level with the right and left side of the U shaped burner. Burner is 304 American Made Stainless Steel.

We use this burner as a replacement on Olde Native and Emperor BBQ models.


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u burner replacement

Adjustable Universal fit Vaporizer Radiant Heavy Duty Aluminized Steel.

This Kit comes with Four shields 8 inches by 13 inches. Holes, slots hills and valleys are designed with hardware included to bolt together the pieces in any configuration and any size using any number of the shields in the kit to fit any barbecue grill with or without briquettes.


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adjustable bbq grill replacement aluminized steel heat plate for briquettes

Although Olde Native barbecues were available for only a very short period of time the majority of Olde Native barbecues were built into custom designed outdoor kitchens. This makes the grill difficult to replace easily and easier to repair. These grids will fit the larger old native bbq models but always check dimensions


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cast iron 3 piece grilling grate for olde native grill repair

Although Olde Native barbecues were available for only a very short period of time the majority of Olde Native barbecues were built into custom designed outdoor kitchens. This makes the grill difficult to replace easily and easier to repair. These grids will fit the larger old native bbq models but always check dimensions


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cast iron grilling grates fit olde native bbq grill

Gas barbeque grill grids to replace cooking grates on Olde Native model BBQ. Cast iron cooking grates are good for barbecues because cast iron conducts heat better than other materials. The porcelain coating protects the grids from forming rust. always check dimensions


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porcelain over steel rod grate old native grill

LP hose with QCC-I type one regulator fits all grills 3/8 flared female fitting for grill manifold and 24 inch hose.


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grill parts bbq regulator and two foot long hose
GH-3 Three Foot (3') extension hose with 3/8" flared female ends extends regulator and hose. Use to extend regulator hose, often used with built in BBQ grill accessories like LP tank pull-out drawer. $18.95

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gas grill extension gas hose
80024 24 LP hose and regulator old style still fits new LP tanks. Uses inner threads. $33.49

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grill parts bbq regulator and hose
80034 LP regulator with two hoses for side burner and bbq grill connection. This comes with two hoses coming out of one regulator and as one hose that splits into two hoses. Same result but two different styles. Use one regulator and one tank to operate both appliances. $45.95

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grill parts bbq regulator and double side burner hose

White hard porcelain briquettes come in a pack of twenty-four pieces. This is the white heavy briquette used by high-end gas grills like Lynx and Alfresco because these briquettes are not a porous as the black or red briquettes they used to use. These will radiate better heat and last twice as long.


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alfresco briquette

Replace universal battery powered ignitor for Many BBQ Grills with AA battery ignition. Battery is under the button so the ignition module is attached to the front control panel.

Module has 4 outlets to connect up to 4 electrodes but can easily feed electricity to less than 4 by attaching a ground ire to the extra outlets as needed.


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battery module 4 spark ignitor replacement

Replacement module for any gas barbecue grill ignition system. All-In-One battery powered AA ignitor module has 2 outlets and can be connected to any one or two electrodes for any barbecue ignition system.


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universal grill repair bbq igniter module

Replacement ignitor spark generator with 6 electrode connection brackets.This ignition module can be made to work with any barbeque that has a hole in the control panel or by placing a hole in the control panel. A nut under the button holds the module box to the control panel and the AA battery is under the button which unscrews to replace the battery.


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battery module 6 six spark ignitor replacement
6105A Alfresco igniter module holds nine volt battery with 2 electrode spades to ignite 2 separate burners $47.00

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alfreco igniter module 9 volt starter
6106A Alfresco igniter module holds nine volt battery with 4 electrode spades to ignite 4 separate burners $79.

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alfreco igniter module 9 volt starter

Replacement module for Any igniter reapir. This all-in-one-module replaces the older style modules. These modules can be used as a one, two, three or a four spark module connecting to as many electrodes as necessary.


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replacement igniter module for alfresco gas bbq grill repair
2100226 Battery holder and button igniter replacement for Any barbeque grill ignition. $20.

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grill repair battery holder button ignition for module

Replace Olde Native control valve. Barbecue grill flame thrower valve integrates automatic ignition sequence as knob is turned.


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olde native bbq flame thrower valve ignition

Long connection wire with Replacement ignition electrode which can be installed just about anywhere in any BBQ grill and easily be bent to spark where ever needed as an ignitor. Steel tip is long and easily clipped and/or bent for installation next to burnr pip33es. Flat perpendicular installation bracket allows easy installation to inside firewall or connecte to burners, rotisserie, valve, any where.

This is one of the igniter electrode replacements we can install anywhere. If You need Assistance the ignition parts, contact us Any Time.


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electrode for ignitor can fit anywhere with any bbq grill

Replacement ceramic electrode with extra long steel tip we can easily bend and/or clip as needed to spark where it is installed.

The installation bracket is also very versatile like the long tip is easy to change so we have used this electrode in just about every barbecue grill model ever made at some time or another.


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bbq grill parts ignition electrode

This electrode wire can be used with any of the electrodes listed above that does not come with an electrode wire. It is 20 inches long and ends with spade connectors for a simple fit to any of the male spades on these gas bbq grill ignition electrodes.


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ignition wire for all bq grill ignitors

20" wire with female spade connectors. Made to connect igniter electrodes and modules for Chargrillers, Great Outdoors, Jenn Air, Vermont Castings and others.


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twenty inch electrode wire with female spade connectors
443614 47 ignition electrode wire with female spade and square plastic connectors, used with battery powered spark generators to connect igniter electrodes and modules for Amana, Brinkmann, Centro, Charbroil, Chargriller, Charmglow, Coleman, DCS, Grand Cafe, Grill Chef, Grill King, Kenmore, Kmart, Master Forge, Nexgrill, OCI, Outdoor Gourmet, Patio Range, Perfect Flame, Sams, Surefire, Turbo and lots of others. $6.

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long electrode wire for grill parts repair ignition

For Ignition Electrodes check out our Grill Repair Electrodes

Custom outdoor kitchens are built to last as long as a properly built home. The outdoor kitchen is generally built just like the walls of a house with outdoor tested materials. Keeping a built in bbq grill clean and in good shape cannot be over-emphasied because the grill can be difficult to replace when grill repair parts can no longer be replaced.

It is common for barbecue grills made over seas to eventually reach a point when gas bbq grill replacement parts are no longer availble. The Olde Native barbeque was only built in for a year or two so there are not enough of them in use to gain the attention of an after-market manufacturer. When these parts are gone the barbecues will become very difficult to repair.

As parts become unavailable we will keep working to locate replacements based on our experience with these barbecues and our own local repairs. We have burners and briquette shields that seem different but we have used them as replacements with success.

If you need assistance, please let us know and we'll help with any repairs with email or telephone support.

custom outdoor kitchen with infrared sear zone built in accessory

grill repair is secure