Phoenix Grill Repair Cooking Grate Replacement.

These two cooking grates will fit the Phoenix barbecue grill models based on the depth and width of the BBQ fire box. Both of these cooking grids were originally made to fit other barbecue models but the sizes are close enough that we can also use these grates on Phoenix models. If you own a Phoenix barbecue without these dimensions let us know and we'll fit the grill with replacement cooking grates.

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Stamped stainless grilling grates to fit Phoenix barbecue grills. Phoenix grill models: PG2001-P PG2001-PBS SPG2001-P SWRG1998-P WRG1998-P.


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Porcelain coated steel grill grate fots Phoenix barbecue grill models PG2001-P, PG2001-PBS, SPG2001-P, SWRG1998-P, WRG1998-P.


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replacement porcelain coated steel cooking grid
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Oval Burner

Oval Burners and H shaped burners used to be extraordinarily popular among all gas barbecue manufacturers because the venturi tubes could be created to fit between the burner and the control valves very easily.

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Many Phoenix barbecues were created to be installed on a post like this older Arkla BBQ. These older models were molded with cast aluminum that would last forever even if it did not stay pretty for more than a decade. The burner venturi tubes extended below the burners through the walls of the grill into the post or into the control panel which was a much easier and safer design that is rarely in use today.

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Because the post mounted barbecues of old were not very effective at hiding the gas lines or propane tanks a lot of the barbecue stores like us would build the grill-head into an outdoor grill island. This allowed the base of the barbecue to be completely hidden. Built in grills were not effective with the single venturi models because the control valves mounted in the grill post but the double venturi tube models had a control panel so we were able to build those grills into an enclosure.

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