ProChef Barbecue Heat Shields and Lava Rock Grate Replacements.

ProChef barbecues have been sold with and without conductive layers inside the barbecue. Some barbecues use briquettes or lava rocks to conduct heat at the grilling grid causing the heat to distribute evenly or sometimes add extra heat to where the food is cooking. Other ProChef models have stainless steel heat shields designed to spread heat and to vaporize dripping grease becasue these burner covers get so hot. If you do not locate the gas grill replacement part you need for you ProChef gas BBQ grill try the Universal Grill Parts or call us at 954-2-Grill-2.

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Lava Rock and briquette grid for conducting heat in ProChef barbecue grills. Grate is galvanized for longer life.


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stainless steel heat shield burner cover for prochef bbq grill models

Galvanized rock grate supports lava rocks and briquettes in ProChef gas grill models.


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lava rock grate, galvanized steel 12 x 19.25 inches for pro chef grill

White hard briquettes come in a pack of twenty-four pieces. Ceramic briquettes are not porous like the red pyramid briquette or black cube briquettes and radiate more heat, even heat distribution, and burn off greases that cannot soak into the material like other briquettes.


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alfresco briquette
91250 Universal Fit Adjustable Lava Rock Briquette Grate
Adjustable Lava Rock ceramic briquette grate fits from 11 inches deep (front to back) X 17 inches wide (left to right) to 14 inches X 25 inches.

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adjustable bbq grill replacement lava rock briquette plate
92350 Universal Heat Plate

Heat Shield Kit is Adjustable for Universal fit-- Anywhere!

Four stainless shields 8 x 13 inches with hardware to bolt together at any size for any barbecue grill. Use with or without briquettes.


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adjustable bbq grill replacement aluminized steel heat plate for briquettes
family dining after prochef grill is repaired
barbecue dining

Lava rock trays and briquette grids spread the heat rising from the gas barbecue burners so there is not a focus of heat above each burner and lower heat between each burner. Some appliances are effective enough to use lava rocks and briquettes to radiate a lot of heat right below the grilling surface. These we call Grills because they grill at the layer of cooking. DCS, Lynx, Alfresco and others use ceramic conduction to radiate heat just below the grill grates and are able to cook with temperatures above 800 degrees becasue of the briquette grate.

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