Replacement Collector Box and Electrode to Repair Profire Performance

Profire Stainless steel gas grills all use the same electrode but the performance models and the professional models have different collector boxes. The grills have different burners and different heat shields so the collector boxes work and install differently in each type of barbecue. The "L" shaped collector box is the bracket that mounts the electrode ignition in the performance series models.

PF.80.3828 Replacement electrode igniter for Profire model gas barbeque grills. The electrode is like a mini spark plug that arcs against the collector box. The Profire electrode comes with the electrode wire to plug into the module. $18.

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replacement electrode for profire gas bbq grill ignition repair parts

Profire Performance model collector box. The Profire Performance gas grill models use the same igniter electrode as the Professional models (PF.80.3828 on this page) but this collector box that installs with the electrode is different between the 2 models.


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profire performance ignition collector box
electrode and collector box replacement for gas grill repair replacement electrode and collector box dimension

The Profire Performance model electrode and collector box are shown here larger than they appear in your hand or in your barbecue so it is easy to see hoe the collector box and electrode install together. The models of gas grill by Profire are the Professional and the Performance series and both gas grills have heavy - duty collector boxes. These ignition brackets are easily 500 percent thicker and heavier than the standard collector boxes available for lesser barbecues.

The electrode in both types of collector box is well-insulated fr4om dripping grease and marinades while grilling. In the images below the used collector box and used burners can be viewed. Both images are of grills that havebeen in use in a tropical environment for over ten years and neither these collector boxer or burners had to be replaced. Both were in good enough condition to be cleaned and reinstalled.

Profire collector boxes and Profire grills in general are well made with heavy materials and American workmanship.

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Used Profire Performance model electrode and collector boxes.

schematic of bbq showing electrode installation

The Profire Performance models only come as two sizes of built in grill. This is the 42 which is larger than the other model 30 inches wide.

detail warming rack leg installed in a weber bbq


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