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Lava Rock Ceramic Briquette and Gas Grill Radiant

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Flat ceramic radiant use in several Turbo gas barbecue grills including Turbo Select models and Grand Turbo models. This item contains a package of four (4) ceramic tile radiants. Radiant tiles are 7 1/16 inches by 4 3.4 inches.


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gas bbq grill radiant tiles for grand turbo and turbo select replacement parts

Replacement three pack of 8.5 inch ceramic radiants for original DCS barbecue models. Even heat distribution and searing temperatures. Ceramic rod trays replaced lava rock trays because the ceramic vaporizer grease drippings and radiates an even distribution of additional heat below the grilling surface.


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dcs grill parts ceramic rods

ceramic pack of 3 radiants for most DCS barbecue models. Replace ceramic radiant grill parts for even heat distribution and searing temperatures.


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dcs grill parts ceramic radiant rods


Pack of 10 ceramic radiants dcs conduct for even distribution and grilling surface temperatures. Porcelain rods are still functional of they are dirty. Rods only need to be replaced when broken. The goal is to absorb and radiate heat -- not look pretty. In lesser barbecues briquettes and lava rocks are used but the evenly spaced porcelain rods in a DCS collaborate to maximize heat distribution at the grilling surface.


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dcs gas grill parts 10 pack radiants

ceramic radients $64.29

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41651 Pyromid Briquettes. 60 red pyramid shaped permanent briquettes. non-porous, retains heat longer with even heat distribution. Sufficient quantity for a full sized grill. $28.29

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45887 natural lava rock processed and screened for uniformity. 7 lb. bag is enough for all full sized grills. $14.29

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