Additional Miscellaneous BBQ Grill Repair Parts.

Get a new hose and regulator for standard 20 lb liquid propane tank canister, lengths of gas hose and related gas bbq grill parts. Grill parts incluse he original POL male fitting that reverse thread screws ito the LP tanks The more common QCC handwheel that screws over the outside thread of the gas canister valve is also available. Get barbeque grill gas lne fittings, protective sleeves.

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Other Gas Parts
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Replacement hardware repairs connection between venturi tube and burner on oval and H-shaped burners. Two venturi gaskets with screws included in replacement hardware kit to seal connection and stop any gas leak.


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replacement gasket and screw hardware kit for attaching burner
850 Gas timer attaches to Propane or Natural Gas line to limit the amount of gas used. Dial the timer to One, Two or Three hours and be certain there is No Chance of someone making a mistake and leaving the barbecue grill burning or the gas running. Gas line is turned OFF when the timer runs out even if the barbecue grill is still turned on. A safety feature for homes with children, neighbors and commercial or shared properties. $60.

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00420 replacement gasket for ceramic barbecues $19.95

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00600 radiation shield. Installs below burner in some Amberlight, TEMCO, Charbroil, and Broilmaster models. $19.95

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Keep spiders out of burners and orifices in grill burner. Screens to go onto the end of barbecue grill burners in order to block insects from burners and from getting into orifice and valves.

Burner Spider Screens


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screen to block insects out of burner, valve, orifice in bbq grill
Burner Spider Screens
91024 J hook with wing nut. Secures foot bracket 93448 to bottom grill casting. $2.49

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93448 foot bracket used with burners 109S and 11602 with some grill models $6.95

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burner bracket replacement for bbq repair

Convert regulator to POL to attach regulator to LP tank with inside thread on cylinder valve. New regulators have QCC to attach to the thick outer threads on an LP tank. Replace handwheel with the fitting to attach regulator with LP cylinders inside threading.


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convert lp regulator to pol inside thread

Gas fitting adapter converts LP tank from POL connection to QCC connection. If LP tank only has inner thread connection use this adapter to add inner and outer thread connection s regulator can attach either way.
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brass fitting changes lp tank attachment
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No Rust stainless steel hose guard slides over gas line to protect hose and regulator from hot BBQ, rodents that may chew the gas line, rough wall openings, etc. Hose Guard is coiled like a spring so it can be adjusted and can be used with several guards together.

Hose Guard details


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stainless steel bbq hose guard protector
Hose Guard details
gas safety timer never leave the gas turned on all night again

We use these gas timers on every commercial property, rental property or anywhere there is more than one family using the barbecue grill. Too often a dangerous and possibly deadly situation exists when people forget to turn the BBQ grill off and turn off the gas line. Natural gas lines and in-line LP tanks have a shut-off valve and Propane containers have the triangulated control on top but all gas lines should be turned off when not in use. If you or someone you know cannot remember to turn off the gas this timer will do it for you. With a One, Two or Three hour setting the gas will never get left On again.

gas fitting to convery bbq grill control valve to use compression fitting

Compression fitting 30068 attaches to the tip of a control valve where a hood style orifice would normally attach. The 30068 compression fitting will fit onto the end of the valve and compression seal a 1/8 inch aluminum on copper gas line to extend the gas line tot he burner. Barbecue grill models of Cook-On, Kalamazoo, Charmglow and others use this item.

cook on gas bbq grill repair manifold

This barbecue grill repair job required us to replace the control valves on a cook-on barbecue grill with charbroil valves to allow the gas grill to continue in use. The control valves we needed are no longer available. We attached the control valves that fit Charbroil, Grand Turbo and Turbo Select barbeque grills and added the compression fittings to extend to the rotisserie and to the gas grill burners.


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