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Replacement Grids for Lava Rock, Briquettes and Other Radiant for any Barbecue Grill

Search for the grates that support lava rocks, briquettes and other radiant in any barbecue by searching by size. Below are three different options that basically define the shape of the lava rock grid. Match the basic shape to your barbecue design and then search by dimension for a replacement. Lava rock and briquette grates usually install into the grill on small shelves in the front and back of the inner fire box so it is more important to match the depth of the firebox than the width. A grid that is too wide can be cut and a grate that is too short will still radiate heat even if it does not extend all the way to the inner walls of the grill.

rock grate bbq replacement rectangle
Rock Grates Rectangle
replacement rock grate with legs
Rock Grates with Legs
grill replacement rock grate with indent
Rock Grates with Indent
Various sizes and shapes of rock grates hold ceramic briquettes and lava rocks. Many grills use these materials to conduct heat providing an evenly distributed cooking surface for BBQs and additional radiant heat at the grilling surface. Often these grids are not cleaned enough because the porcelain both absorbs cooking greases and hides the effect of the mess. By the time most grills show the effect of grease build-up, it is too late to salvage the parts and many bbq grill manufacturers do not provide these replacement parts for repair.

These bbq grill replacement parts allow the backyard chef to repair their bbq grill without relying on the manufacturer. Many briquette trays are galvanized or porcelain coated to protect the material from cooking greases and add years to the bbq grills before additional replacements are needed.
turbo bbq briquette tray grate support
dcs bbq grill porcelain rods

This is the DCS gas grill with porcelain radiant rod trays. This design, improved decades ago is still in use today because the radiants heat independant of convection so additional conductive radiant heat at the grill grate surface is mush hotter than the barbecue grill aone would be capable of cooking.

porcelain tile fits members mark same club bbq

Thicker and heavier and denser radiant materials are becoming more popular on high-end American made barbecue grills because the materials last a lot longer than previous briquettes.

adjustable bbq grill replacement lava rock briquette plate

Universal grill parts Several adjustable grids to support lava rocks and briquettes in any barbecue. If we are unable to match a particular size there are a lot of universal adjustable grids to support lava rocks, briquettes, porcelain tiles and more.

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