Rock Grids with Indented Design Structure

Briquette and rock grates conduct heat just below the cooking grates.

While many barbeque grills have a set of burners below heat shield flavorizers below cooking grates below a barbecue hood or lid, other barbecue grill designs use a layer of briquettes or lava rocks or ceramic tiles to conduct heat. Without conductive lava or briquettes most barbecues will get four-hundred and fifty degrees. With the additional radiant heat from lava rocks or briquettes many of these same designs can add a hundred degrees at the cooking surface. Additional heat usually means faster grilling and retains moisture and flavor in barbecued food.
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90301 galvanized steel wire rock grate for bbq grill repair to support lava rocks or briquettes. This size rock grid was designed to fit barbecue grill models by Arkla, Olympia and Charmglow. $28.

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BBQ grill repair galvanized steel wire rock grate deisgned for Olympia barbeque grill models to support lava rocks and briquettes adding heat below the grilling surface.


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wire rock grate to support briquette and lava rock for olympia barbeque grill models

The only down-side to using briquette and lava rocks is the grease generated by barbecuing. When food barbecues without searing the drippings can flare up and cause mini grease fires that make grilling inconsistent. When the dripping grease does not burn up the grease will often hide in the layer of briquettes or lava rocks andbuild up until when it does eventually ignite the fire can burn for a hour uncontrolably.

Barbecues that use lava rocks or briquettes are sometimes made poorly and need the conduction layer to hide the inconsistent heat across the cooking grate surface to hide cold spots. Wl-made barbecues that use briquettes or lava rocks do so to add conduction heat at the cooking surface. While convectional (heat transfer through air trapped in the bbq hood) heat circulates conductive heat radiates off the layer of lava rocks or briquettes to add extra heat at the grilling surface. Barbeque grills like Alfresco, OCI, DCS and Lynx can heat to approximately nine-hundred degrees because of this additional radiant heat.

pyramid briquette for grilling with radiant heat


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