Barbeque Grill Replacement Rock Grate for Briquette or Lava Rock

A lot of barbecue grill models still use a layer of conduction materials in addition to the convectional heat circulating inside the closed barbecue hood while cooking. Lots of barbecue grill models will need these rock grids replaced every few years because there are not replacements made of a heavy thick stainless steel like the cooking grates. As backyard chefs cooking for our family's we are going to keep cooking grates clean whereas most of us have never even thought of looking to the grate supporting conduction like lava rocks so the grates stay real filthy! Fortunately they are easy to replace. Check your sizes below. Call or email us for assistance.

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123/4" To 125/8"
cooking grate round
121/2" To 121/8"
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12" To 11 3/4"
cooking grate
115/8" To 11 1/4"
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11" 5/32" To 11 1/32"
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11" To 10 3/16"

10" To 8 5/16"
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lava rocks inside barbecue grill

AN uncommon sight. There are not a lot of barbecues which still have lava rocks today. The original American made models that do not exist like Charmglow, Falcon, Arkla, Lazyman which are still in use 30 years after production are the models we will still see lava rocks usually.

Barbecues which do use lava rocks or briquettes or ceramic tiles or some other form of conduction to absorb and radiate heat will almost always be able to cook as Both Barbecue and Grill because of the additional heat radiating from the conductive briquette layer below the cooking grids.

briquette grate tray falling apart from rust

The briquette and lava rock tray is usually the most common part of any barbecue grill needing to be replaced. With carbon coming off the gas flames below the lava rocks and briquettes while greases, sauces, marinades dripping from above, the tray or grate gets more dirt than any other single BBQ part to be replaced.

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