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Many older barbecues no longer have replacement parts available for the specific models so we have to match-up replacement parts using the size of the parts. Many older barbecues used lava rocks, briquettes and other heat conductors to augment the temperature in the barbecue. The layer of briquettes spread the heat rising off the burners and radiated heat absorbed by the lava rocks, ceramic and porcelain materials to create a grilling surface at the cooking grates. When the grids need to be replaced match the depth because the grates hang front to back inside the appliances. If the width is a little bit long or short it matters less than the front to back sizes.

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These are grates that support lava rocks, briquettes and other conductive materials designed to absorb and then radiate heat within the barbecue grill. The radiant materials generally sit either right on top of the burner or right below the cooking grate and affect cooking accordingly. Just below the cooking grid the appliances is made to be an aeffective grill capable of cooking with higher tempoeratures at the grilling surface. With the conductive briquettes closer to the burners the design is to spread heat and cause the internal convectional temperature to build faster. A convectional barbecue is like a broiler or an indoor over that spreads even heat throughout the enclosed space so hot air surrounds food and cooks with heat conducted through the air. Radiant heat -- briquettes just below the cooking grates -- is designed to radiate heat off the briquettes so food can be grilled at much higher and hotter temperatures.

More recent barbecue designs use heat shields which are also referred to as vaporizer plates and flavorizers. The idea of these tent-shapes metal shields is to firce the heat rising from the burner flames to spread evenly throughout the barbecue. These appliances are not grills but gas BBQs or broilers which do not generally exceed five hundred degrees cooking temperature. Often the vaporizer shields are designed to retain some heat so dripping greases and marinades that land on the hot shields will be vaporized. This allows the moisture to be converted to steam and possibly reabsorbed into the food while cooking.

The radiants refrs to the actual conductive materials inside the barbecue. These are the various briquettes and lava rocks. About 16 years ago DCS changed their grill models to radiant rod assemblies. Older model DCS grills used lava rocks that sat right on top of cast iron burners. New models placed hollow porcelain rods into a tray which evenly distributed the rods and the heat radiating from those rods. The tray was moved higher in the grill and the result was a grill capable of almost double the heat of previous models.

This section has the briquettes from older days when pyramid shaped briquettes were believed to radiate heat wider and newer designs like large tiles, porcelain rods and the newer dense and heavy briquettes used by hogh-quality grills like Lynx and Alfresco.

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This is the DCS gas grill with porcelain radiant rod trays. This design was improved over 10 years ago and is still in use today.

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Thicker and heavier and denser radiant materials are becoming more popular on high-end American made barbecue grills because the materials last a lot longer than previous briquettes.

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Universal grill parts pages have several adjustable grids to support lava rocks and briquettes in any barbecue. If we are unable to match a particular size there are a lot of universal adjustable grids to support lava rocks, briquettes, porcelain tiles and more.

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