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Thermal Engineering Corp - TEC - Infrared Cooking Grates.

When the first concave cooking grates were used each six inch section weighed twelve pounds. The original barbecue grills used convectional and conductive heat to generate cooking temperatures so the grids had to be thick and heavy to conduct extra heat. With a barbecue grill that cooks hotter than eight hundred degrees -- minimum standard for restaurant quality searing -- the intense heat seals moisture inside the food for amazing flavor. Concave cooking grates allow initial moisture to vaporize back into the food and stops grease from dropping into the grill causing flare-ups that disrupt even heated grilling.

Infrared gas grilling generates over a thousand degrees of heat directly off the burner and cooking at the grilling surface without closing the hood. For this reason the concave cooking grates are fabricated of high-quality stainless steel of thinner gauge so the grates do not conduct heat and burn food. The difference in flavor with and without concave grilling grates is tremendous.

The original TEC cooking grates have a U-shaped profile. These U-channel cooking grates were and are very difficult to clean because of the u-shaped design. The cooking grates listed here are manufactured by Rasmussen Iron Works specifically for TEC grill models with a V-channel. The V-channel has been used on Solaire infrared gas grills for over ten years and makes grill cleaning much easier. The design allows the grates to be wiped clean front to back and to be scraped with a V-shaped scraper or the metal edge of a typical barbecue cleaning brush.

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TEC Cooking Grate

TEC replacement cooking grate for TEC Patio 2, Sterling 2 and Sterling 3 is 14.75 x 12.75 inches. V grate design continues the TEC concave grid design to add flavor while grilling but using the V grid is much easier to clean and maintain the grilling grate.
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TEC Cooking Grate

TEC replacement cooking grate for TEC Patio 2, Sterling 2 and Sterling 3 is 14.75 x 12.75 inches. This is the original U grid manufactured by TEC for these model. The Patio 2 and the Sterling 2 uses 2 grids and the Sterling 3 uses 3 of these. This is the grid that has the U channel design and small holes in the front for drippings.

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Stainless steel U channel cooking grate for the TEC Sterling 28 and Patio I infrared gas grill models. These cooking grates are the original grids that fit the original infrared models. The Sterling 28 and the Patio I had 2 controls but one large infrared burner whereas newer TEC models had 2 or 3 infrared burners.

Dimensions 14 5/8 x 11 5/8 inches.

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detail of stainless steel concave u channel cooking grate for tec infrared burner
tec infrared cooking grate grill parts

14.75" wide x 12.75" deep.

TEC Models:

Patio II.
Sterling II.
Sterling III.

tec v channel cooking grate

The detail above is the cooking grate detail for the "V" channel grids made by Rasmussen Iron Works for the TEC Infrared gas grill models. The V-channel grate makes scraping grease and drippings out much easier. Rasmussen makes a scrapes that fits the V grid perfectly but even the corner of the metal scraper on a common grill brush can be used to run down the channel pushing out anything left after grilling.

Below is a detail of the TEC original U channel grate. The U channels are difficult to clean because there is nothing so small as to fit into the channel and clean the grids. The small holes in the front of the grate is designed for grease to drip through but if you have grilled with an infrared grill you know the grease does not roll around as a liquid like it does in a common barbecue because the intense infrared heat vaporizes the moisture almost instantly.
See the new TEC glass panel that changed the way the infrared burners heat and changed the cooking grate design on the newer TEC model grills. Click here.

tec u channel infrared grill grate

Almost any gas grill manufacturer who has an infrared burner for their grill models has some form of an concave cooking grid. The concave cooking grate was originally designed over a decade ago by DCS when DCS was the only gas grill capable of grilling at temperatures exceeding 800 degrees -- commonly accepted as restaurant-quality searing. Even some gas grills that do not have infrared burners but are designed to exceed 800 degrees (like the newer BroilKing models) will have a concave grid.

The concave cooking grate is designed to hold moisture when grilling at temperatures higher than 800 degrees. Instead of grease dripping through and causing flare-ups inside the grill and becomeing something that needs to be cleaned out at some later date the concave grates allow the greases to vaporize and become part of the added flaver cooking into the food on the grates.

Anyone who grills with an infrared gas grill knows this is a fast process as the infrared burners become very hot and usually the food is "seared" within a minute of placement in the grill. Once seared the moisture is locked in the food and cannot drip out. The benefit of infrared grilling is based on the intense heat that causes this moisture and flavor to get locked in to the food. In a typical barbecue where the burners do not get grilling-hot the hood must be closed to cook. Heat builds up insode the closed hood and the heat surrounds the food. During this process the meat will be dripping and it is easy to over-cook meats by losing all the moisture and flavor in the food. As a work-around we eat steaks rare and medium rare while they are still moist.

With infrared grilling I have grilled steaks medium-well and well and still eaten very moist and flavorful steaks because the moisture was locked into the food.

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The V Channel grate on the left side of this image and the original TEC U Channel grate on the right side are installed ina TEC Patio II infrared grill.

TEC Infrared Grill Parts

TEC User's Manuals at Grill-Repair.com

TEC Patio II Manual
TEC Sterling II / III Manual
TEC Patio / Sterling Manual

This is the dimension of the infrared cooking grates that fit the TEC Patio II and the Sterling II infrared gas grills.

For many years TEC infrared gas grills were the best gas grill in the world and any TEC gas grill is worth the expense of repairs.

TEC grilling grates for infrared gas grills are channelled so the concave gris holds any moisture from sauces, marinades or drippings from foods. Infrared grill burners heat up so fast this moisture is vaporized instantly to add flavor to grilled food. The channels in a TEC cooking grate look like long U shaped channels and the origianl U channel grates are available above.

However, we prefer the newer V channel grilling grates because they are stronger, less likely to break and easier to clean. The V Grate scraper is designed for easy grid cleaning for use every time the grill is used but the edge of a flat scraper could also be used on the V channel cooking grates. The V channel is available for TEC and Solaire cooking grates so it is easy to keep these grids clean of greases which will double and triple their life span.

Also the new V channel grates are manufactured from one solid sheet of stainless so the front and back of the V channel is open. This means grease and dried sauces will be scraped right out of the grill. The originally designed TEC U channel grates typically get built up residue in the very front and back of the gris where the channels meet the cross-frame that all the channeled grids are spot welded into. With the build up of old grease and dirt in the corners of the front and back of the grid the spot welds often fail and the TEC grate falls apart. With the New solid stainless V channel grids the grates are stronger, easier to clean and less prone to bending or breaking.

Original Thermal Engineering Corporation cooking grates for infrared grills were concave so flavor was not lost as moisture dripped from grilling meats as the burners sealed the outer layer. Once seared meat will generally not smoke because moisture is locked in the food. The concave grids held the moisture so heat vaporized any drippings and vaporized flavor would be absorbed into the meats or add texture to the outer layer of the meats.

The TEC concave grate is flat on the bottom like a U and has a cross-over support bar across the front and the back of the grates. When trying to clean the grates the dried grease and drippings often get jammed into the corner of the cross-over. With the new V channel grates the effect of added flavor while grilling is the same but the V shape to the concave grids make the grids a lot easier to clean with a special V grid scraper or the edge a regular scraper at the end of a metal bristled grill brush. Also the front and back of the grate is open so drippings are scraped right out of the grill. This way the stainless lasts a lot longer.

grate scraper on cooking grid