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TEC Pilot Kit Replacement for Infrared Grills.

The older TEC infrared grills used a pilot kit to ignite the infrared burners. These models had either a push button or rotary piezo module to spark and light the pilot and the pilot flame would light the burner. A pilot kit is usually a safety devise that uses a thermocouple to convert the heat into a magnet that pulls the valve open. This feature usually turns off the gas automatically when the flame is blown out because the thermocouple cools, stops the magnetic pull and the valve snaps closed. However, the TEC pilot is only a flame and an ignition electrode. The pilot flame was only there to light the burners. Eventually someone pointed out the electrode that ignites the pilot would be just as effective at lighting the burner and the pilot because superfluous. Later models started using rotary modules and battery modules without the pilot.

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TEC Pilot Kit

The older TEC infrared gas BBQ grills used a pilot to ignite the infrared burners. The igniter module wires to the electrode to ignite the pilot which lights the infrared burner. This TEC replacement pilot ignition kit attaches to the manifold to replace the original pilot.

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tec infrared pilot grill repair

TEC Double Igniter Pilot

TEC double pilot replacement kit for TEC infrared gas grill repair. Back when TEC had the pilot kits there was a kit that fit the Sterling 2 grill models that had two infrared burners and a pilot kit to fit the TEC Sterling 3 with three infrared burners. This Pilot kit is designed with 2 pilot kits already installed with the aluminum gas line and igniter wires for the 3 burner TEC Sterling 3 models.

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tec double pilot ignition kit
tec pilot and gas line

Gas Grill Pilot

The double pilot kit allowed the Sterling Three infrared grill to have a pilot flame burning in between each of the three infrared gas grill burners.

single pilot for tec sterling 2 infrared grill

Single pilot assembly for the Sterling 28, Sterling Two and some of the Patio One and Two grills. The Sterling 28 and the Patio I infrared grill models are the first infrared grills that were available. Each had a single burner controlled by two control valves. A left valve controlled the left side of the infrared burner and a right valve controlled the right side of the burner. The pilot attached to the manifold with a third valve and came around to the top of the burner in the center.

When the Patio 2 and the Sterling 2 models first came out the pilot came up closer to the front of the grill in the center and one pilot ignited the left burner and the right burner. Until the pilot disappeared from these models altogether.

pilot attached to manifold next to igniter

The control valve that attached to the manifold for the pilot is shown in this image. Next to the valve is the piezo module that plugs into the pilot to ignite the flame. The aluminum gas line on the pilot is already bent to allow the pilot to install with the flame at the edge of the ceramic tile of the infrared burner.

The pilot gas line has a compression attachment flare nut to attach to the control valve. This means the small brass sleeve will be compressed as we tighten the nut to the valve. Be careful the compression sleeve does not fall off before you install the pilot to the control valve. Leave the sleeve about 1/8 inch from the edge of the aluminum gas line and then slide the nut to the valve and tighten it. This cannot be removed again without replacing the flare nut because it will be disfigured to seal the gas line connection.

TEC Infrared Burner TEC Grill Parts TEC V Grate TEC Burner Glass
TEC pilot and electrode

Old infrared gas grills by Thermal Engineering Corporation used a pilot to keep the infrared burners burning. A rotary module sent a spark to the electrode next to the pilot hood to light the pilot flame and then the pilot ignited the infrared burner on the right side and left side of the flame.

pilot orifice

Because the control valve attaches to the pilot there is no orifice to limit the flow of gas to the pilot. However, we do not want the flow of gas that will flow to a burner coming through the pilot. The pilot rests on top of an orifice drilled into the gas line shown here.

compression flare nut connection for pilot

The pilot comes with a little masking tape on the tip of the aluminum gas line connection because this will stop the flare sleeve and compression nut from falling off the gas line. Remove the tape to attach the pilot.
When the nut tightens to the control valve the soft brass sleeve gets compressed out of shape and flares inside the nut to seal the gas connection and ensure there can be no gas leaking form this connection. Once the nut is removed the compression sleeve must be replaced.

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