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READ The RETURN Policy Below Before Returning Any Product.

Our goal is to be as accountable to you as possible, to provide quick, friendly service and relaible technical assistance. Here are some frequently asked questions. Just to get it out of the way first: Yes shipping is included as part of the selling price. This applies to the 48 Continental United States and does not mean overnight or expedited shipping is free. If you prefer expedited or overnight shipping let us know and we will make it happen for you and collect the difference in shipping based on your request.

Shipping is not actually Free but is included in the cost of the items sold. As specified below, Please check the available measurements because when an item is returned the shipping cannot be refunded and you are accountable for the return shipping. For smaller purchases a refund can cost more than the price of the original sale so Please Choose Wisely. Out Contact information is available on Every Single Page so you can ask for assistance if you are unsure of a decision. You are accountable for your decisions and you are responsible for the results of your decisions -- make your results good ones and ask for help when necessary.

Also, many of the gas BBQ grill replacement parts sold at Grill-Repair.com are not manufactured by the original barbecue manufacturer. In many cases this is because the original manufacturer is no longer in business, does not have replacement parts available or because our years in this industry have taught us that the barbeque grill parts by the original manufacturer are not always the best quality available. Often there are cheaper grill parts available but when we have to decide between one barbecue repair part and another our basis for that decision is quality, not price.

These Terms of Service are linked to from every page of the Grill-Repair.com web site just like our telephone number is listed on every page of the web site. Purchasing from Grill-Repair.com either online or on the telephone or through the mail implies familiarity and agreement with these policies.

How long will my order take to ship?
It usually takes two business days to process your order for shipping. It can take longer. We do stock a tremendous number of grill parts but we are not able to stock all 4000 items listed online. When an item is out of stock it could take as long as 10 business days to ship from one of our warehouses to our shipping warehouse. Most orders ship in the US within 3 days. Depending on your shipping address, it can take between 7 to 10 business days to reach with UPS or USPS ground shipping. If you have a dealine to receive the items just let us know and we will help expedite the delivery.

From where will my order ship?
All of our items are shipped from one of our warehouses in the United States. We are located in South Florida and most items ship from Florida. Occasionally we will ship from another warehouse to save time.

What if the items is not in stock when I order?
If your order contains items that are out of stock we will order the items immediately or have it shipped from the manufacturer to you. We will choose which ever option that will be quicker. Sometimes it is quicker to have the item sent to us to send to you. In general, 10 business days is the average wait time when we need to ship the item here to ship it to you. Normally you will only have to wait a few days.

You are welcome to check the availability of any item by emailing us at service@grill-repair.com. Please include the item number, name or description in your e-mail. If you've ordered from us and would like an expedited delivery, write it as "instructions" during the order process or let us know via e-mail or telephone. Sometimes this will mean just moving faster here, sometimes using a quicker freight service and sometimes we will collects funds for expedited delivery services. Let us know and we will do whatever we can to ensure your satisfaction.

Return Policy

Returns are gladly accepted for 30 days less shipping & handling and are subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Contact Us for a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA).

Returns received without an RMA will be refused with no exceptions.
YOU Must Contact Majestic Grill Parts BEFORE a Return Can Be Received. Packages Mailed Without Previous Contact Have NO WAY Of Being Routed To Returns and will be Lost.

Items must be in the same condition as when they were shipped. No credit will be given for damaged returns.

If you need to return an item please Contact Us. You will be issued an RMA number and instructions on how to send your order back to us. You will have to ship the item back at your own expense unless there is a manufacturers' recall or a defect.

In case of a defect or damage, include a picture in the email requesting RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization Number) or -- depending on the shipping carrier -- a call-tag. Our warehouse staff do not drop what they are doing when returns arrive in the mail and this may take a few days; returns are processed at the end of the month unless we are able to inspect faster to facilitate an exchange credit. If your item appears to have been damaged in transit please report the issue to the carrier who delivered the package.

Sometimes UPS and USPS will leave the package at your doorstep but if you are present to receive the package and sign for the package you must write the word exception instead of or in addition to a signature. A package that is signed for is considered received in good working order -- undamaged -- by the carrier.

If you do not report the claim on the paperwork during delivery or report the claim to the carrier As soon as the damage is realized there is no claim for us to follow-up on. We are powerless to use the carriers insurance to replace damaged goods without a claim. Regardless of what you are told an exception must be claimed by calling in the damage or writing the term exception on the signature panel of the paperwork from the carrier. Be safe and note an exception for anything that looks damaged, opened or missing parts. If a box is damaged but the product inside is undamaged we will not follow up on the exception but claim any possible damage to be protected from loss.

In the case of an exchange for any reason the returning items must be returned and inspected before new items can be shipped. To avoid this the replacement items can be purchased and the returning item will be refunded in accordance with return policy. This protects both of us from lost and damaged items. A credit cannot be issued until the returning package has been received and inspected. As with any returns all returned packages are inspected at the end of the month.

If the items are being returned because you received something other than what was ordered please remember we are only human and sometimes mistakes do happen and if the item is being exchanged because you made a mistake we promise to show the same consideration.

Although the cost of shipping items is included in the sale price the shipping fees cannot be refunded. If you order something that is incorrect for your barbecue or fireplace or outdoor kitchen you must return the item and you are accountable for the original shipping fees. For small items like electrodes and knobs there are instances when the shipping cost is more than the price of the items so please make sure you choose wisely.

This is important so please be clear -- we may sell an electrode for $15. because it costs $6. and shipping costs $9. When you send it back you spend money to send it back and the $9. spent to ship it to you is not refundable. Add this up and it costs more to return an item than it would to keep it. Please make good choices and contact us if you are unsure. We are all adults and accountable for making intelligent decisions. Please be responsible for the decisions you make -- even if they are not correct. If assistance is needed, our contact information is available on every page of this site. Please ask the question rather than risk the mistake.

No one will ever refuse to accept a return and no one will be rude or behave in an inappropriate manner. If you make a mistake it is ok. We are all humans and we also make mistakes. Please do not believe you will hide a mistake by being rude or claiming you received something other than what was ordered.

The policies in these Terms have been reviewed by the banking and credit card companies in addition to our legal team. Any changes to these Terms will be issued in writing.

You do not need a reason for a return but we do need to keep records and we will ask for a reason for the return. There is no wrong answer; everything we sell can be returned within 30 days. If an item is not what was expected we need to know it to become better at our jobs. We are not some import company processing item numbers; we are technicians and we know our products very well. Customer Service is horribly lacking in American businesses today and it is our goal to give you superior -- and fair -- Service.

Returns within a reasonable time-frame will always be accepted. If you cancel a payment instead of using the Return proceedures you are accountable for the fees from the processing companies, fees from the credit card companies and fees for the time involved in challenging the case. Returns are simple, please work with us.

Special Orders.

There are many gas grill repair parts listed on our site at Grill-Repair.com and there are many other grill parts not shown online that we order as needed. If you do not see what you need to repair your barbecue, please contact us. There are some items that we do not stock because we need them so rarely but we can order these items special for you. In this case we specifically purchase these items for your order. If items are special-ordered to fill your order we cannot take these items back.

For information about any items on Grill-Repair.com and for any questions about shipping returns, refunds or manufacturing please Contact Us via e-mail or telephone at 954.2.GRILL.2.

For information regarding the business, please Contact Us via e-mail or telephone at 954.2.GRILL.2.

The information you provide to www.grill-repair.com is used to process your order. You can request to be removed from our list by simply emailing us at service@grill-repair.com. You may also update or change the personal information grill-repair.com has collected by sending an email to service@grill-repair.com. Should there be any changes to grill-repair.com Privacy Guarantee, relevant changes will be posted to this portion of the site.

At grill-repair.com, we realize that shopping online can feel a bit risky. However, the truth of the matter is that advances in technology have made shopping just as safe as using your credit card to shop around town or over the phone. Our goal is for you to feel as comfortable using your credit card at grill-repair.com as you do everywhere else that you shop. To that end, grill-repair.com uses PayPal for all online credit card transactions.

Your transactions are safe.

Any personal information obtained in the business on this site or obtained from transactions will never be shared or sold. Periodically we may contact you with special offers or general information. If you do not wish to be contacted by grill-repair.com at any time, please send an email ( service@grill-repair.com ) informing us of your decision and you will not be contacted again.

As you may have noticed the biggest problem we have as an internet company is returns where customers choose to abdictate responsibility for their own choices. We are very fortunate as adults we can make our own decisions and gain from the consequences of our choices. This benefit also means we have to be responsible for our mistakes. Most items have model numbers and dimensions available to help with the selection process. If an incorrect item is selected we can take it back but it is unrealistic to expect us to pay the shipping or to lose money for providing good service.


We are humans sharing the same retail experience with you and we know it is uncommon for us to receive a reply to a telephone call or an e-mail from a real human being. All of us who work here, who will answer your questions are familiar with the current orders and are familiar with the items sold. You will not call us and receive an answerring service or get an auto-message reply to a request for additional information. We know this is uncommon and you know this is uncommon. Please treat us with the same respect you receive from us and appreciate our awesome service as we appreciate your business.


Thank You! We are proud of the opportunity to serve your backyard design needs. Whether we are customizing an entire outdoor area or just repairing a broken ignitor, we respect the trust you have placed in us and we will not let you down.

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