Thermos Barbecue Replacement Parts For BBQ Repair.

Thermos is a brand that has not ever been a manufacturer of barbecues but there are a lot of barbecues and other appliances labelled with the Thermos brand. Some of the parts are listed here based on replacements and repairs we have completed. If you need a barbecue part not listed here, Please contact us so we can identify the items you do need.

Item Description Price Illustration

table top regulator with orifice is made for portable grills. Regulators includes on/off, high/low valve and dispences propane directly into the gas grill burner.
This does snot fit every portable barbeque but may need to be manipulated to fit a lot of models. Check your model and be sure.

Portable Regulator Details

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grill parts bbq regulator table top with orifice
Portable Regulator Details

Porcelain steel wire warming rack fits many Thermos barbecue models. Warming rack has side-angle mounting clips as shown.


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882124 chrome steel warming rack thermos $39.

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883100 push-button, self-grounding piezo plunger with mounting nut thermos $12.

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884410 ignitor mounting bracket with electrode for thermos 12.

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884420 collector box thermos 14.

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446448 chrome steel warming rack thermos $39.

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Save your barbeque grill with universal adjustable grill repair parts!

Universal bbq grill replacement parts used to be pretty poor quality but were still popular because by the time you need an adjustable grill part, it is because there is no where else to get the repair part your barbeque needs. No More!! Today, universal adjustable barbecue grill repair parts are great quality. The cooking grates on this page are heavier and thicker than many of the exact-fit grill parts on the manufacturer pages of this grill repair website.


The universal adjustable barbeque grill parts on this page are high quality repair parts that have been designed to meet the needs of every barbeque grill model and size. When a grill manufacturer goes out of business or stops making a grill model, it is difficult to get replacement parts. The barbeque grill parts that adjust can be made to fit your grill so you are not buying a new barbeque grill, trying to get a new grill delivered to your home, assembling a new grill, learning how to use a new grill and hoping it is a good product.

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