Radiant Heat Shield Vaporizer Replacement.

Vaporizer Heat Shield is 15.25 inches long and 5.5 inches wide with the peak 1 5/8 inches tall. This vaporizer heat shield is used in several models of barbecue grill including: Sonome, Coleman, and Tuscany. The heat shield is steel coated with a porcelain enamel designed to protect the steel so heat and moisture cannot damage the heat plate. Do not clean this heat shield with an abrasive brush that will damage the coating but use the heat built-up in the barbecue and use a good degreaser with a green side of a sponge designed for cleaning dishes. This way we can clean off the drippings and greases without damaging the protective coating.

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porcelain coated steel vaporizer radiant for bbq grill

Spreads Heat Vaporizes Drippings

Vaporizer Shields are designed to serve several purposes inside the barbecue grill. The Radiant heat shield will force heat rising off the burner to spread around the blockade of the heat shield.

porcelain coated steel vaporizer radiant for bbq grill

During the process of moving the heat rising off the burner so the heat circulates throughout the barbecue fire box the porcelain enameled steel will also become very hot. The heat shield installs right above the burner so the radiant shield often is the hottest part inside the barbecue grill.

Food cooking on the grilling grates right above the radiant shield is surrounded by the convectional heat spread by the shields and directed by the shaped of the inside of the fire box. The food will drip moisture as it heats and cooks. The other job of the vaporizer shield is to protect the burner from these drippings which have the ability to clog burner ports and cause rust and corrosion to the material of the grill burner.

The radiand shield that is very hot protects the burner with this heat because drippings land on the hot shield and vaporize. The result is a flavored smoke which adds to the flavor of the heat circulating inside the barbecue.

porcelain coated steel vaporizer radiant for bbq grill

The heat shield appears to be shaped like a long tent angled to the peak at the center but note the edges have a vertical section about a half-inch tall. The design is like a pocket so heat is caught in the concave design before rolling off the sides to fill the barbecue. This design makes the vaporizer shield hotter than we could have surmised.

porcelain coated steel vaporizer radiant for bbq grill

This is an alternative heat shield vaporizer designed with louvers in the angled radiant.

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