Uniflame Gas BBQ Grill Replacement Parts, Ignition

Uniflame gas bbq grill repair parts including a universal module, electrode and electrode wire that can be used not only on most Uniflame barbeque grills but on most of the gas barbecue grills in the world. These repair parts will get the Uniflame starting again at the push of a button.

Uniflame Gas Grill Parts
Item Description Price Illustration
03340 universal battery powered ignitor replaces uniflame modules. This module will work on any gas barbecue grill make or model using 4 or less electrodes. $32.29

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uniflame replacement module for igniter grill repair parts
03610 47" wire replacement with female spade and square plastic connectors, used with battery powered spark generators for uniflame ignitor repair. Electrode wires will fit and BBQ grill make or model if an electrode does not ship with a wire or can act as a ground when a module has more spade connectors than electrode. $8.29

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uniflame gas bbq grill replacement parts electrode wire for ignitor
04010 electrode with mounting bracket for uniflame replacement repair part. Replacement electrode fits Uniflame models:

GBC831WB - GBC831WB-C - GBC850W - GBC850W-C - GBC850WNG-C - GBC940WIR - GBC956W1NG-C - GBC981W - GBC981W-C - GBC983W-C - NSG3902B - NSG4303 - Patriot - and others...

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uniflame ignition electrode replacement to epair uniflame ignitor
07303 uniflame electrode and collector box and electrode wire. This electrode igniter works with the triple burner for many uniflame gas grill models including Uniflame model GBC730W. $12.95

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uniflame electrode, collector box and wire for igniter with triple burner replacement
04820 Uniflame gas grill ignition electrode, mounting support and electrode wire. Fits uniflame models: GBC720W-C - GBC820W - GBC820W-C - GBC920W1. $8.49

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uniflame electrode replacement with electrode wire
22549 Uniflame replacement heat indicator, thermometer. $12.95

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Uniflame gas grill ignition replacement parts

This universal module holds a AA battery and attaches to the control panel of any barbeque grill that uses an electronic ignition. The electrode is one of the most popular electrodes we use in our day to day gas barbecue grill repairs because it is commonly istalled by many different gas grill manufacturers. The electrode wire above can be used with any gas bbq grill that needs a wire to attach to the electrode and the module to carry a spark to light the grill.

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