Vintage Gas BBQ Grill Replacement Parts For All Repairs.

Below is a limited list of commonly needed replacement grill parts used to repair and rebuild Vintage BBQ Grill Models. This list includes fuel conversion parts like gas orifices and regulators in addition to igniter electrodes, briquette tray support, control valves, control knobs, wiring and many other parts for Vintage BBQ Grill Repairs.

If there are repair parts you need to replace please contact us through e-mail grill repair or at: 954-2-GRILL-2 which can also be used as 954.247.4552.


Vintage replacement infrared burner for high heat searing.


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vintage infrared sear burner

Vintage center fed U burner.

Stainless Steel U burner is 18.25 Inches long and just over 7 Inches at the widest point. Below the burner is a small post sticking down to keep the burner from moving inside the grill while installed.


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vintage u burner

Vintage Large Briquette Tray stainless steel replacement. Support briquettes above U burner for radiant conductive heat at grllling surface.

13 1/8 Inches X 17.25 inches.


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vintage large briquette tray

Vintage Small Briquette Tray. Replacement briquette support tray is narrower for models with added width. Radiant briquette support trays hang on stainless pins welded front and back inside Vintage grill.

9 3/8 Inches X 17.25 Inches.


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vintage small briquette support tray

White hard High-Quality briquettes come in a pack of twenty-four pieces. This is the white heavy briquette without any logo etched into the top of the briquette. These are designed to be the same size and shape to fit the Briquette trays. Heavy dense material is much better than earlier briquettes that came with Vintage barbecue grill models originally.


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alfresco briquette

Main Electrode for U shaped grill burner. Very heavy gauge steel post electrode with 90 degree bend for Vintage burner ignition.


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vintage gas bbq grill ignition electrode

Ignition Electrode for Infrared Sear burner. This is the Vintage double-prong electrode. Total length from tip to tip is just over 3.5 inches.


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vintage gas grill infrared sear ignition electrode

Double prong ignitor electrode for Vintage grill infrared rotisserie burner. Tip to tip length is just over 4.25 inches.


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rotisserie ignition electrode in Vintage bbq

Ignition electrode for Vintage smoker burner.


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vintage gas bbq grill ignition electrode

The momentary switch is pressed so ignitors Spark inside a Vintage gas barbecue grill. Electricity is interrupted at this button. Electricity can pass through to the sparking electrode when button held down.

Two momentary ignitor switches are shown so the stainless face of the button is visible And the Back wire screws which can attach any wiring.


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vintage igniter button igniter wires momentary switch

Momentary switch is also know as the button that makes the igniter spark. The pyramid-shaped rubber button is called a momentary switch and is used to activate the module and send the charge to spark at the electrodes.


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alfresco igniter button and igniter wires called a momentary switch

Light Switch replacement in Vintage barbecue grills.

Button found on right side of control panel is for Halogen Lights in Vintage Barbecue.


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light switch wires vintage bbq grill

Vintage BBQ grill metal control knob. Vintage grill knobs are not plastic made to look like steel but are a heavy metal shined to a mirror finish.

vintage control knob

Vintage BBQ grill metal control knob. Vintage grill knobs are not plastic made to look like steel but are a heavy metal shined to a mirror finish.

vintage control knob

Control Valve replacement for Vintage Rotisserie burner. Control valve clamps to gas manifold and instead of an orifice has an adaptor to a one-eight pipe thread so gas can distribute to the infrared rotisserie burner..


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vintage gas bbq grill ignition electrode

Main Vintage control valve. Vintage control clamps onto gas manifold pipe as the orifice in the tip slides into burner venturi. Control Valve can be taken apart, orifice can be changed and valve stem has set-screw for adjusting gas flow parameters.


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vintage control valve bbq grill repair parts

Brass orifice replacement is used to convert a grill from one gas type to another by changing the hole in the orifice. The new orifice comes as a "blank" with a starter hole. If you want us to drill the orifice for LP or for NG before we ship these to you we need the pressure setting or need regulator in the same order.


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orifice for alfresco control valve propane natural gas conversion.

Replacement orifice for Vintage Sear Zone Infrared Burners. Orifices are generally purchased with a LP or NG regulator in order to convert an appliance to LP or to NG. When sent with a regulator we can drill the orifices to factory certified gas flow,5


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replacement gas orifice one eighth hood orifice gas bbq grill repair

Replacement brass gas orifice for Vintage side burner range appliance. This can be drilled for use with NG or with LP depending on the regulator on the appliance.


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vintage orifice for side burner

Brass replacement orifice for infrared rotisserie burner in Vintage gas grill models. Orifices can be drilled for use with NG or Lp depending on the fuel use and regulator installed.


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orifice for Vintage rotisserie fuel convert

Infrared Searing Burner control valve replacement Valve.

vintage bbq grill infrared burner valve

Replacement control valve for Vintage smoker burner.

Threaded tip for gas line attachment and valve stem adjustment integrated.

vintage bbq grill smoker burner valve

Range Top Side Burner Control Valve Replacement in Vintage side-burners.

Threaded tip for gas line attachment and valve stem adjustment integrated.

vintage side burner range control valve

9 Volt Quickliter 2 Spark Module
This is the newer module design. The 9 volt battery screws up into the module from below the control panel. Two spades allow for 2 igniter electrodes to be controlled from this module. The ignition button is mounted in the control panel.

Test Your Grill Module Video

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solaire spark genrator module holds 9 volt battery.

9 Volt Quickliter 4 Spark Module
Same as above with 9 volt battery but this module has 4 spades to connect 4 or less electrodes. This is used on the 27 GXL models with a rotisserie and on the 30, 42 and 54 inch barbecue grill models.

Test Your Grill Module Video

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nine 9 volt solaire igniter module, spark generator with 4 outlets

Springs attach to Vintage barbecue grill hood for easy opening and closing


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vintage canopy springs to open bbq grill hood

LP hose with QCC-I type one regulator fits all grills 3/8 flared female fitting for grill manifold and 24 inch hose.


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grill parts bbq regulator and two foot long hose

Regulator, convertible - for all grills. The regulator has half-inch pipe thread fittings and is designed to be used for propane and for natural gas. The back of the regulator has a removable cap that puts tension on the spring so the cap facing up is set for LP and the cap flipped over is for NG. The cap is marked LP on one side and NG and the other side so we know which way to replace it.


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regulator converts lp and ng

Longer 40" LP Hose and Regulator. Fitting is 3/8 inch flared female on the hose and QCC hand wheel on the regulator made to fit standard LP tank valves.


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36 inch hose and regulator

LP regulator with two hoses for side burner and bbq grill connection. This comes with two hoses coming out of one regulator and as one hose that splits into two hoses. Same result but two different styles. Use one regulator and one tank to operate both appliances.


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regulator and double side burner hose
GH-3 Three Foot extension hose with 3/8 inch flared female ends extends regulator and hose. Use to extend regulator hose, often used with built in BBQ grill accessories like LP tank pull-out drawer. $23.

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gas grill 3 foot extension gas hose

Hose and Regulator with POL attachment. This male threaded attachment POL was the standard for residential LP consumer tank attachment before safety features in LP cylinders became mandatory and QCC external threading the signifier in the LP cylinder. 24 Inches long with a female 3/8 flared attachment on the hose.

This POL is the inner reverse threading able to fit All new and old LP cylinders for barbecues, forklifts and other high BTU appliances.



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grill parts bbq regulator and hose
850 Gas timer attaches to Propane or Natural Gas line to limit the amount of gas used. Dial the timer to One, Two or Three hours and be certain there is No Chance of someone making a mistake and leaving the barbecue grill burning or the gas running. Gas line is turned OFF when the timer runs out even if the barbecue grill is still turned on. A safety feature for homes with children, neighbors and commercial or shared properties. $50.

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gas safety shut off timer
859 Gas Line shut-off is made to lock with any standard padlock or combination lock. This is a shut-off valve that allows or closes the gas flow and can be locked. This is perfect for community spaces like condominiums, apartments or homes where residents are renting or are gone for lengths of time and want to lock the gas line for safety. $60.

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gas safety shut off for combination lock or padlock

Brass fitting for gas hose connection. 3/8 inch flared male to 3/8 inch flared male fitting used to join two gas hoses. The flared fitting is a sealed attachment that does not need plumbers putty or teflon tape. 3/8 inch flared is the most commonly used gas hose.


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male to male fitting to jpin gas hses.

Fitting flared three-eights adapts to fit one-half pipe thread. This fitting is most commonly used to attach a propanle hose and regulator to a barbecue grill manifold. Half-inch pipe on one side and three-eights flared on the other.


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brass plumbing gas fitting 3/8 flared to 1/2 pipe adapter

About Vintage Grill models

Vintage barbecue grill models were originally started byt the same person who designed the Alfresco infrared gas grill appliances. Even over a decade later the Alfresco and Vintage gas grills share a lot of the same grill parts and features. Vintage has been sold to new owners and are manufactured separate from Alfresco today but the basic design is still the same as these Alfresco models and a lot of the parts like control valves and igniters are the same as is the overall appearance of the grills.

The Vintage gauge and type of stainless are all still high-end materials and the features like infrared burners, internal lights, infrared rotisserie, smoker drawer with independant smoke burner are all still a part of the Vintage features just like the Alfresco models which sell for much higher prices.

Many of the commonly needed Vintage replacement parts are listed above with detailed descriptions and pictures of the actual parts. Less commonly needed replacement parts are also listed above but are without pictures. Since Vintage was recently sold, the company is just recently making a come-back into the arena of high end gas grills. Usually this means it will be a few years before we really have to stock radiant trays and cooking grates and a lot of other parts. However, all these Vintage replacement barbecue repair parts are all available. We special order them to arrive in a week so there is more time involved in ordering a grill cooking grate than an ignition assembly but all the Vintage repair parts are available.

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