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Convert post-2009 Weber Genesis and Spirit BBQ To LP and NG.

Convert Weber Genesis and Spirit model barbecue grill to use natural gas or liquid propane by replacing the orifices and the hose and regulator connection. This orifice is used to convert the fuel type to LP or NG in Spirit and Genesis models manufactured After 2009. Spirit and Genesis models after 2009 have the control knobs and valves in front of the fire box. BBQ burners install front to back. Inside the front panel, the control valve connects to a square manifold with a single bolt-through the square gas pipe.
Inspect valve in Spirit models; new Spirit valve clamps around a round gas manifold pipe and does not use this orifice.

Fuel Conversion Parts Cannot Be Returned. Once Regulator pressure is set and orifices are drilled, we do not have the ability to stock them in our inventory of blank orifices. We drill the orifices customized for Every order so Please make sure the selections below match the front valve bolted through as shown in images below. Contact us for assistance.
Spirit models from the last 5 years use different orifices, Selecting Spirit II orifices involves inspecting the original valve to select the correct orifices.

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Replacement gas orifice for Spirit and Genesis models manufactured after 2009 with control knobs across front of firebox.

Look under the front panel to see the valve connection to a Square Gas Manifold Pipe with a Single Bolt Through The Pipe. Spirit models without this valve use an other orifice. Select this orifice to fit front valves -- no side burner -- converting Spirit and Genesis models to LP or NG.

Orifices are sent Blank ordered alone and sent Drilled to Factory specs when hose and regulator are shipping with full set of orifices.


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genesis and spirit weber orifice for lp and ng fuel conversion
Fuel Conversion Video Tutorial
Weber Genesis 330 Conversion Video Instructions. weber genesis e series model valve
Video Tutorial And Conversion Instructions for models After 2009
Spirit/Genesis Control Valve.

Weber front-mounted control valves have been fabricated of aluminmum and brass as shown here. There is not a wrong control valve; Weber makes this valv3image shows the tip of the control valves showing the original orifice and the brass replacement orifice installed to convert the Weber to use LP or NG. The orifice at the tip of the control valve slides into the burner right through the air-adjustment shutter inside the control panel.

This orifice does not fit any side burners in any Weber models.

To convert to NG or to LP we need to remove and replace the orifices. The hole drilled in the orifice determines the BTU's for LP/NG fuel as calculated by the regulator and hose selection.

weber genesis 330 model

Spirit and Genesis Models.
The model shown in this image is an E. EP,S 330 Genesis which has 3 burners and one sear burner and one side burner. All Five burners have an orifice to be changed when we change the original fuel type to use liquid propane or natural gas.

Video Conversion Instruction

Remove the burner and then we can reach into the controls area from inside the BBQ to exchange the orifices and convert the barbecue.

Side Burners will Use Orifice 88815.

Contact Us For Assistance.


Replacement gas orifice used to convert post-2009 Spirit and Genesis models to NG/LP. These front-mounted control valves attach to the square manifold pipe with a single bolt-through connection.
Images below.

Orifices will be drilled to order based on the appropriate hose and regulator selection shipping with orifices. Orifices without a hose and regulator will ship blank.


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genesis and spirit weber orifice for lp and ng fuel conversion
Fuel Conversion Instructions

LP hose with QCC-I type one regulator for all barbecue grills using 5 gallon, 20 pound propane refill tank.

Hose and Regulator assembly has handwheel for fat external threading on LP tank. Gas hose is Two Feet Long terminating with a three-eighths female flare nut attachment.


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grill parts bbq regulator and two foot long hose

40" LP Hose Regulator is the Same as above Regulator assembly in every way except the length of the gas hose. Threaded end has same female flared nut and terminates with QCC-1 fat threads of common LP tanks made for residential use.


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40 inch hose and lp regulator

Replacement Regulator for Natural Gas BBQ Grill with 1/2 inch female pipe threading. Select this regulator for NG bbq grills and if you are converting a barbeque from LP (liquid propane) to use natural gas.

When selecting this regulator, the 10' gas hose assembly 88855 includes all the appropriate adaptors (generally a dozen pieces), threaded unions, fittings Necessary to install safely.


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natural gas regulator for bbq grill convert from lp to ng

Natural Gas Regulator.


In-Line Liquid Propane Appliance Regulator.

When using a large permanent propane tank, typically as supply for an entire property, the gas line will connect to the barbecue with this low-pressure LP appliance regulator.

When selecting this regulator, select the 10' gas hose assembly (88855) to install with this regulator because approximately a dozen threaded adaptors and threaded fittings are all included with the 10' gas hose to attach from the property shut-off, through the barbecue to the LP supply.


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liquid propane regulator for bbq grill convert from lp to ng

Liquid Propane Regulator


Weber Tank Scale. The Weber tank scale supports the common 5 gallon (20 Lbs) LP cylinder. Inner gauge shows LP tank fill level. Although easily installed and convenient, the scale is considered Mandatory by Weber because immobilizing the LP cylinder in position is a prerequisite of the CSA safety certification and Residential UL Listing.

Denoting LP levels is convenient but the actual purpose of this scale is Safety and is Required for Weber to include on All LP models.


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weber lp tank support scale

Ten foot Long Quick Connect Gas Hose Includes Fittings, Thread Convertors, Threaded Unions and Necessary Installation Adaptors.
Heavy quick connect coated hose designed for LP and NG outdoor strength.

Connecting from the BBQ to the mounted shut-off connection uses approximately a dozen fittings, threading adaptors and unions. All These Adaptors Ship Included With This Gas Hose Kit when ordered with the regulator and orifices so we can I.D. the BBQ.


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gas hose
weber genesis 330 model in copper finish

These new Spirit and Genesis models have the control knobs and valves across the front of the barbecue fire box.

Spirit II models have a valve connected to the gas manifold by clamping around a round gas manifold pipe whereas earlier Spirit models and Genesis models Bolt Through a square gas manifold pipe as shown here.
This 88305 gas orifice can be used with LP or NG in front mounted bvalves bolted-through a square gas manifold pipe.

weber stainless steel genesis 330 model

Genesis model S330 has an S in front of the numbers to indicate the inside flavorizer heat shields and cooking grates are stainless steel but Also the outer hood and cart are also stainless steel.

Although a Conversion Kit is no longer permitted or supported by Weber, if there was a kit for these post-2010 Genesis and Spirit models the kit would include all new orifices, a new regulator for the newly converted type of fuel and also the new gas hose with necessary threading connections and inner clearance for pressure to the barbecue. Select these items yourself to create your own conversion kit for post-2010 Geenesis and Spirit models.

Please Note Drilled Orifices Cannot Be Returned.

Video Conversion Instruction natural gas and propane orifice holes drilled

The difference between an orifice drilled for vaporized liquid propane and an orifice drilled for use in a natural gas appliance is very obvious when looked at side by side. The difference in the drilled natural gas opening and propane opening looks tremendous even for the same BTU setting.

weber genesis manifold valve orifice for conversion to lp or ng


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