Weber Barbeque Grill Flavorizer Heat Shields.

Weber barbecue grill models have a patented heat shield design called Flavorizers. The older Weber brand gas grills have 13 flavorizers and newer models use 5 flavorizers. The flavorizers can be stainless steel or porcelain enameled steel depending on the model and the porcelain coated shields can be swapped with the stainless version for longer life. Heat shields deflect falling grease from the burner ports and distribute heat rising from the burner flames. No ne has spent as much time perfecting this design than Weber. Weber-Stephens is one of the few gas barbecue grill manufacturers whose main products sell for less than $1000. that always made their own grill parts and actually spend time and money on research and development to make the best gas bbq grill for the money.

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Replacement porcelain steel heat plate, set of 5 for Weber barbecue grills. These heate shields are 24.5 inches long and each flavorizer is almost 2.5 inches lomgl $59.95

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weber porcelain flavorizer set

stainless steel heat angle Weber $119.95

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weber gas barbeque grill replacement flavorizer for grill repair

stainless steel heat angle set of Weber Flavorizer bars for Genesis and Platinum gas bbq grill models. $69.95

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stainless steel flavorizer bar set for older weber gas bbq grill repair

stainless steel heat angle Weber $69.95

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weber e series genesis spirit flavorizer bar heat shield set replacement

stainless steel heat angle Weber $89.95

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flavorizer bar set for weber gas bbq grill spirit and genesis barbeque model

Replacement flavorizer heat shields for Summit Model Weber barbecue grills. Set of Five. Flavorizer bars are just under 2 inches deep and 18 1/8 inches long.
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summit replacement flavorizer vaporizer heat shields
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