Universal Warming Rack Grid Fits Many Barbecue Grills

This warming rack replacement grate was designed like a One-Size-Fits-All kind of replacement part. The warming grid is 21.5 inches long and 6 inches deep at the cooking grate area. The four legs on the warming rack have hoks for feet and are installed at a slight angle so the hooks clip to any kind of cooking grate and the slight angle makes it hold-on very tight. To use this warming rack replacement grid on your barbecue you need to have cooking grates at least twenty-two inches wide. If the grill grates are wider than twenty-two inches that is fine the warming rack will clip to the grates and be useful for potatoes, corn, toasted buns and what ever else you use your warming grate for.

Universal Grill Parts Warming Rack Grates

universal warming rack in a Ducane BBQ grill universal warming rack grate

The barbecue in this image is a 25 year old Ducane barbecue grill we are making new. Older grills like this were American made and can handle being completely stripped-down and repainted whereas newer imported appliances will usually not stand the stress. An old Ducane like this is a rarity and we're replacing all the inner barbecue parts.

We wanted this image of the Ducane because Ducane cooking grates back then were very thick and convex. However, we ended up placing Weber Genesis cooking grates into the Ducane because the Weber grates from several years ago are even more convex and this is the kind of cooking grid I would have expected the warming rack to have some trouble clipping onto.

Even with the thick and akward shape of the old Genesis cooking grates on this Ducane the replacement warming rack grate clipped to the grids tight and solid so it does not move at all with use.

universal warming rack grate

This is an old CharBroil barbecue that our technicians are working on here in the warehouse so we put the universal warming rack grate on here to show it being used. Even though the Charbroil cooking grates are about thirty-four inches wide we are able to clip the warming rack in place tight.

top grate hooked legs

This image shows the legs of the warming rack grid so we can see the hooks on each post. The hook on the warming rack has a slight angel so we can leave a little tension when we install the top grate over the cooking grates. Because of the slight mounting tension the grid does not move while we are using it..

detail warming rack leg installed in a weber bbq