Universal Adjustable Stainless Pipe Burner with Install Video

This universal adjustable barbecue grill pipe burner is able to be installed in gas appliances that require a straight pipe burner as small as twelve inches long to as long as 18.5 inches and all points in-between. This pipe burner has mounting brackets and hardware for attaching to any grill fire box and it has an air shutter in the front venturi for adjustments affecting the air and gas mixture in the burner. The burner slides longer and shorted like a slide-trombone and the sliding section seals tightly with a set-screw so there is no leakage. The Video below shows installation instructions for any make or model barbecue grill and the video also shows the burner installed and burners with adjustments to the air shutter so we can see how to use the burner and witness the Great Quality of this gas grill replacement burner.

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821218 Universal Adjustable Tube Pipe Burner

Stainless Steel replacement gas burner adjusts from 12 inches to 18 inches to fit a variety of gas bbq grills. Adjustable air shutter on venturi.


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adjustable bbq grill replacement gas burner pipe

Save your barbeque grill with universal adjustable grill repair parts!

Left Side: This is the universal adjustable burner as installed into a perfect flame barbecue. We laid the burner into the grill and extended the length to seventeen inches. Then we removed the burner to tighten the set-screw and then installed the burner and screwed it tight in the back of the fire box support.

Right Side: This is the same adjustable burner installed in the perfect flame model barbecue. The back bracket of the universal burner has a cut out of an "X". The burner back flat "X" makes it simple to install anywhere. The burner kit comes with a bunch of hardware and a few extra brackets just in case they are needed.