Universal Adjustable Cooking Grates or Briquettes and Lava Rock Grid.

These adjustable grids are available in several widths and are adjustable both front and back. The heavy guage wire grate has support brackets inserted on either side of the grill grid. The front and back rods slide in and out for more or less depth as needed to repair your barbecue because Front-To-Back Depth is the Primary concern when replacing barbecue grill cooking grates. Grids mount in the appliance by using supports at the front and back of the grill. These heaviy designed grates have a wide range of use because of their adjustability. Front and back adjustable grilling grate rods are removable. The wire grate is porcelain enameled for long term use and easy cleaning.

universal adjustable cooking grate or briquette and lava rock grids.

This Universal Cooking Grate is adjustable to fit thousands of different gas barbecue grills! Several sizes and adjustments make these replacement cooking grates perfect for Any barbeque grill!

This Universal fit gas grill replacement cooking grid grill will fit many barbecues perfectly.

Buy it today to make your cooking safer, your food more flavorful and your grill easy to clean!!
actual cooking grates

Although the factory image makes the universdal adjustable cooking grates look thin and flimsy this is Not what we stock!

These grilling grates are much heavier and thicker than traditional cooking grates. The wide, flat surface will make the grids easier to use and much easier to gently clean.

Porcelain coated steel should not be treated with heavily abrasive materials or chemicals but should be cleaned using the heat in the barbecue and a good degreaser with a less-abrasive grill brush. We do not want to scratch through the protective porcelain coating.

Universal bbq grill replacement parts used to be pretty poor quality but were still popular because by the time you need an adjustable grill part, it is because there is no where else to get the repair part your barbeque needs. No More!! Today, universal adjustable barbecue grill repair parts are great quality. The cooking grates on this page are heavier and thicker than many of the exact-fit grill parts on the manufacturer pages of this grill repair website.

  • Porcelain coated for durability!
  • Adjustable to fit Many grills.
  • Long term usage and protection!
  • Easy to use on any grill.

  • 17 inches Wide.
  • Depth adjusts from 9.25 inches to 13.25 inches.


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  • 19 inches Wide.
  • Depth adjusts from 12 inches to 16 inches.


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  • 22.25 inches Wide.
  • Depth adjusts from 13.75 inches to 17.75 inches.


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Universal Grill Replacement Parts
close up of heavy universal grids

Close-Up view of these wide and heavy universal cooking grates from the bottom. From the bottom of the grates we can see the heavy supports that allow the adjustable depth and the heavy support grid that keeps the grates straight and reliable for many years of heating and cooling.

close up of heavy universal grids

Wide cooking grates affect food by radiating from the steel and porcelain for better searing. The flat top and botton of the grates also make them much easier to clean because the wider space is going to force grease and dried-up sauces to be vaporized by barbecue heat.

Save your barbeque grill with universal adjustable grill repair parts!

close up of heavy universal grids