Universal Adjustable Heat Shield and Briquette Grate.

Although www.Grill-Repair.com contains ver a thousand perfect-fit replacement barbecue grill heat trays and briquette grates there are a lot of barbecue grills in the world and the Perfect-it replacement grill parts are not always sufficient. This universal adjustable heat shield kit is the perfect solution for a BBQ grill that needs either a heat shield or a briquette tray. Many clients have stopped using briquettes completely in favor of this replacement shield. This heat shield kit contains a hardware pack and four (4) thick aluminized steel plates. Aluminum is the only material that will out last stainless steel outdoors. The four 8" by 13" heat plates are made to be joined using the hardware pack to create thousands of varied shapes and sizes. This universal grill part can be made to fit any barbeque grill and replace any heat shield or briquette grid.

This universal heat plate brings all the benefits of a heat conductor without the messiness of lava rocks or briquettes!

A gas grill uses lava rocks or briquettes to conduct heat -- both to create more heat at the grilling surface and an evenly distributed heat. However, rocks will hold grease over time and cause flare-ups and grease fires which not only displace the natural heat of your gas grill burner but cause the grill to corrode and rust.

This Universal Adjustable Heat Shield replaces rocks as a heat conductor with long lasting Aluminized steel. It is easy to clean and maintain for long lasting usage.

Buy it today to make your cooking safer, your food more flavorful and your grill easy to clean!!
  • Adjustable to fit all grills
  • Radiant heat for even distribution
  • Easier cooking and great flavor
  • Replaces lava rocks and briquettes
  • Four heat plates


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This item consists of four individual heat plates and a connection kit. These four shields are eight inches x thirteen inches (8" x 13") and can be assembled to overlap and connect with each other to fit perfectly in your grill.

universal grill parts

universal adjustable heat shield

Universal adjustable heat shield 8.5" wide adjusts from 18.5" to 28.5" length.

universal angle heat plate flavoriser

Universal heat shield adjusts from 17" to 19" matches the design of many Brinkmann, Charmglow and Weber barbeque grill heat shield flavorizers


Universal Adjustable Replacement Grill Heat Shields

how to use and adjust and install the universal adjustable heat shield

Four 8" by 13" heavy gauge heat shileds get attached to form any size dimension to fit above the burners and below the cooking grates and a universal heat shield or briquette grate.

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